ASKİ Continues Its Fight Against Illegal Water in the Capital

ASKİ Continues Its Fight Against Illegal Water in the Capital
ASKİ Continues Its Fight Against Illegal Water in the Capital

ASKİ General Directorate continues its struggle with illegal water in the capital against the danger of drought. Determining that illegal water was used in a total of 11 inspections last year, ASKİ teams kept more than 735 thousand minutes and imposed an administrative fine of 3 million 9 thousand TL.

ASKİ General Directorate, which meticulously carries out its efforts to combat illegal water within the scope of its efforts for the effective and efficient use of public resources, does not compromise on the protection of water resources and the determination of loss-leakage rates in water.

Stating that the teams affiliated to the Leakage Water Control Branch Directorate within the scope of ASKİ Subscription Affairs Department carry out 7/24 inspections all over the Capital, ASKİ General Manager Erdoğan Öztürk said, “Only austerity measures alone are insufficient against the danger of drought that threatens the whole world. In addition to our savings measures, we are trying to support this struggle from different angles by preventing the use of lost and illegal water.”


In 2021, ASKİ teams carried out a total of 2 inspections in the field, 990 thousand 209 of which were network lines and 11 were leaks in waste water lines.

The General Directorate of ASKİ, which imposed an administrative fine of 3 million 9 thousand TL on more than 672 thousand people who were found to be using illegal water using different methods throughout the capital, also carried out a separate study to ensure that the citizens in the most remote point of the city do not become thirsty. Increasing the number of tankers carrying water to areas without water for various reasons, ASKİ granted licenses to 41 new water-carrying tankers.


Pointing out that citizens should also be sensitive about the use of illegal water against the increasing danger of drought in the world, ASKİ General Directorate officials said, “We see the great support and sensitivity of our people. In line with their notifications, we go directly to the point-of-sale address, make on-site detection and put an end to illegal use. Our citizens, who realize that there is illegal water use, can report the social media accounts of the General Directorate of ASKİ or the ASKİ Customer Service with the number '(7) 24 0312 611', which provides 10/00 service. Using illegal water means usurping your rights, us and all Ankara residents. It is a civic duty to report such a situation.”

The ASKİ teams, which photograph and document the installations of the residences, which are found to be using illegal water, cut the water flow and apply a fine with a report.

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