Kocaeli's New Melody Begins to Be Heard in Akçaray and Buses

Kocaeli's New Melody Begins to Be Heard in Akçaray and Buses
Kocaeli's New Melody Begins to Be Heard in Akçaray and Buses

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. The new corporate melodies, which were shared with the public for the first time by Tahir Büyükakın at the promotion of the Tourism Master Plan, began to be heard for the first time in Akçaray and on buses. The new melody of Kocaeli, one of the elements of the Kent brand and carefully prepared, managed to get full marks from the citizens. Citizens are already familiar with the melodies loaded on trams and buses by TransportationPark.


The melodies heard for the first time in Akçaray, the trademark tram of the brand city, are made before informative stop announcements, social announcements and courtesy rules announcements. When traveling in Akçaray, the new melodies that precede all of the internal announcements were immediately noticed by the citizens as they were unusual. Passengers expressed that they liked the new melody very much.


The corporate melodies of Kocaeli, prepared by the Metropolitan, are also heard in all TransportationPark buses. Kocaeli's new melody creates a different atmosphere in the vehicle with its unique tone before the mask announcements.


The new melody of Kocaeli and other details of the plan, as stated by Mayor Büyükakın in his master plan presentation, "If this city is going to be a brand, you must have a whole logo with that telephone bell, school bell, font," can be found on the website of Kocaelimarkalasiyor.com. Anyone who wishes can download and use the new melody of Kocaeli, the logo design and the materials related to the branding of the city, free of charge.

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