New Opportunities in the Metaverse Space to be Discussed at the Marketing and Brand Summit

New Opportunities in the Metaverse Space to be Discussed at the Marketing and Brand Summit
New Opportunities in the Metaverse Space to be Discussed at the Marketing and Brand Summit

Continuing its efforts to ensure equality of opportunity in the field of technology, the Women in Technology Association attends the first Marketing and Brand Summit to be held in Turkey's Metaverse environment on February 16-17. On February 16, the Association of Women in Technology held the 'Marketing Leaders in Metaverse' panel.

The first Marketing and Brand Summit, which will take place in Turkey's Metaverse environment, will be held on February 16-17. Within the scope of the summit, the participants can visit the conference halls, foyer areas and stands with their own avatar. In addition, with other participants, as in the physical environment, sohbet while networking opportunities arise. Many sessions and panels are also held at the Marketing and Brand Summit, where today's and future's integrated marketing and brand strategies will be designed, and new opportunities and business lines will be discussed in detail.

The Women in Technology Association (Wtech), which has undertaken important projects to ensure equality of opportunity in technology, is also at the Marketing and Brand Summit. In the 'Marketing Leaders in Metaverse' panel, moderated by eLogo General Manager Başak Kural Uslu, the Founding Chairman of the Women in Technology Association Zehra Öney, META Turkey Country Director İlke Çarkcı Toptaş and Nike Turkey Country Leader Ahu Altuğ; New opportunities, human resources and areas that need to be updated and strengthened in terms of marketing brand strategies were discussed.

Zehra Öney: “We will continue to support women in both universes of technology”

Zehra Öney stated that Metaverse, which is expected to cause various transformations in the social life and business world, brought about the change in the strategies planned for the future, and said: “Metaverse caused the digital identities of brands and people to increase. Therefore, the developments have also affected the society and this effect will continue to increase as progress is made. We are in an age where physical appearance loses its importance compared to the past and digital lives will be given more importance. Brands are now aiming to establish a closer bond with their consumers. Companies that can manage this process correctly will certainly benefit from this cultural change, in which technologies such as augmented reality play a major role. Now, new professions have started to emerge in different fields, from meta engineers to meta designers. As the Women's Association in Technology, we will continue to carry out our efforts and support to ensure that women take part in this field as producers, develop their own competencies while carrying their work and products to this world, and exist individually in this universe. This step is of great importance for our investment in people. Human diversity in technology is an important criterion for our Association. As an example, we support both women and men with the 80 percent-20 percent rule, and we do not stay away from the focus of talent while continuing our work. We will do our best to ensure that women and girls enter the Metaverse universe with equal opportunities without having to struggle in this universe as in the real world, and glass ceilings disappear. For this reason, we are the main supporter of the Marketing and Brand Summit, where brands also show great interest in Turkey.”

Stating that consumers can meet with richer experiences in Metaverse, META Turkey Country Director İlke Çarkcı Toptaş continued as follows: “Metaverse is already integrated into commercial experiences such as AR and product trials. It is very important for brands to truly embrace the creative potential of existing technologies. I believe that brands that experiment with these early outputs and learn to work with creators will not only improve their customers' experience, but will also be at the forefront of future metaverse experiences. We, as Meta, aim to have a share in the future of millions of people by helping to create ecosystems with the technologies we will offer. In line with this, we will continue to work on technologies where content producers and brands can include consumers in their experiences.”

Nike Turkey Country Leader Ahu Altuğ said, “Metaverse opens a new dimension to our lives for both users and brands. In this new world, led by the gaming industry, the consumer experience will be enriched like never before. Likewise, significant transformations will be inevitable in the strategies, investments and structuring of brands in the coming period. In Metaverse, beyond being fast and first, I think that the brand promise is well thought out and designed, physical and digital are planned in a transitional way, and content-rich user experiences will make a sound and make a difference.” said.

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