Relationships Between Men and Women Affect Heart Health

Relationships Between Men and Women Affect Heart Health
Relationships Between Men and Women Affect Heart Health

Hundreds of years ago “Get married at any cost. If your wife turns out well, you will be happy; if it turns out badly, then you will become a philosopher.” Socrates was proven right. According to studies, a happy marriage and a peaceful relationship prolongs life and reduces the risk of heart attack. In addition, men who cheat on their spouses also have a higher risk of heart attack compared to faithful spouses.

Another factor that increases the risk of heart attack is separation and divorce. According to studies, after separation, the risk of heart attack increases in the same year for women and the next year for men, and this risk decreases over the years. His research on our heart, which is sensitive enough to be affected by every emotion, is carried out by Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gökhan Kahveci told…

Prolongs a Happy and Satisfying Relationship and Marriage

In a study published in 2019, 50 couples aged over 4400 were followed for 8 years. At the end of 8 years, about 16 percent of the participants had died. Those who died, mostly men, were older, less educated, less wealthy, less physically active, and in worse health than those who survived. They also had a spouse who reported lower relationship satisfaction, lower life satisfaction, and lower life satisfaction. It was determined that the spouses of the deceased participants, even the spouses of the still living participants, were more likely to die within the 8-year observation period than those whose spouses did not die.

As a result; We have seen that partner life satisfaction/satisfaction can have important consequences for health and longevity.

The Effect of Relationships and Marriages on Heart Health

Another study found that those in a negative (negative) relationship were 12 percent more likely to have a coronary event at 34 years of follow-up.

According to another study, it was revealed that the risk of dying from a heart attack increased by 1.7 times in never married, 1.7 times in newly divorced couples and 1.3 times in those who lost their spouses. This risk is much less for those who are married.

Cheating Increases Heart Attack Risk and Death

In general, sexual intercourse is very safe and even beneficial for the heart. However, some people die from a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest during sexual intercourse. And almost all of these people are older married men who, in an unfamiliar environment, cheat on their wives with younger women.

In autopsy studies, it was determined that 82 percent to 93 percent of people who died during sexual intercourse were men, and 75 percent were during sexual activity outside of marriage. In most cases, the cheating man's death occurred in an unfamiliar setting with a younger partner and/or after excessive consumption of food and alcohol.

Emotional Factors Lead to Heart Attack

Researchers from Columbia University analyzed this curious subject by collecting previous scientific studies. As a result, it was seen that the risk of heart attack increased 3.1 times with anger, 1.6 times with worry/anxiety, 21 times with grief/loss, and 2.5 times with depressive mood. These triggers also cause increased resistance, shrinkage and coagulation in the vessels and lead to a heart attack.

The Pain of Separation Beats the Heart

Separation of partners increases the risk of heart attack. In an epidemiological study conducted by examining the records of 2.5 million people in Denmark, it was seen that separation from a partner increased the risk of heart attack in women in the year of separation and in the following year in men. After all, the feelings experienced after separation; it brings triggers such as anger, anxiety and depressed mood. In the following years, this risk gradually decreases.

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