High Housing Prices Boost Demand for Tiny Houses

High Housing Prices Boost Demand for Tiny Houses
High Housing Prices Boost Demand for Tiny Houses

Increasing housing prices have turned tiny houses that do not require zoning land into investment vehicles. According to the data of TURKSTAT, the sales of lands such as land and fields exceeded the sales of housing, with an increase of approximately 2021% in 30, exceeding 1,5 million. Tiny houses, which are defined as vehicles with license plate and caravan status according to the Highway Traffic Regulation, make the residence accessible with low construction and land costs, and also find a place in alternative tourism investments.

In addition to the ecological life trend, which has become increasingly widespread with the pandemic, high housing prices have increased the demand for non-residential real estate such as land and fields. According to the data of TURKSTAT, non-residential real estate sales such as land, fields, workplaces, factories, offices, warehouses, industrial estates increased by approximately 2021% in 30 compared to the previous year and exceeded 1,5 million. Thus, non-residential real estate surpassed residential sales for the first time. Field sales reached 2021 thousand in 722, while 480 thousand plots changed hands. Stating that the increasing housing prices accelerated the search for alternative life, Yako Groups Chairman of the Board Galip Ölmez said, “The increase in the desire for detached life in rural areas with the new life order brought by the pandemic triggered the demand for land and fields. Tiny houses, which are the new representatives of the ecological living trend, do not look for the criteria of zoned land. Since they are defined as a caravan vehicle with license plate and license according to the Highway Traffic Regulation, a legal economic solution is offered for such lands. This accelerates the increase in demand,” he said.

Electricity, water, natural gas bills do not go to tiny houses

Noting that tiny houses, which have become the symbol of escape to nature during the pandemic, have turned into an economic investment model, Galip Ölmez said, “There is no need for water, electricity or cesspool infrastructure on the land where the tiny house is located. Tiny houses can generate their own energy with solar panels. Water needs are met by opening a water tank or a water well. The septic tank problem is solved by means of a deep well drilled in the soil. With all these alternative solutions, it completely defines the ecological lifestyle and almost completely eliminates the bill expenses such as electricity, water and natural gas that are increasing day by day. As a company that won Turkey's best tiny house brand award twice with Yako House, we combine our engineering power with our design skills to create modern, spacious and sustainable designs that meet the expectations of users. The prices of our models in different sizes, starting from 2 square meters to 10 square meters, start from 40 thousand TL.” said.

It also takes place in alternative tourism investments.

Noting that the tiny house concept is also preferred in alternative tourism investments with its economic and ecological aspects, Yako Groups Chairman of the Board Galip Ölmez made the following statements on the subject: “We have recently started to receive requests for alternative tourism investments in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Today, building a holiday village with 10 tiny houses instead of a 10-room boutique hotel reduces the investment cost by 10/1. Wooden designs with large square meters and a mezzanine floor are preferred. Models with large square meters such as Yako Ada House, Yako Comfort House, Yako Red House with mezzanine floors and Yako Garden House with terrace suitable for scenic lands, which we designed entirely using wooden materials, are among the top choices. Crowded families who want to raise their children in nature also tend to tiny houses. Demands for all our Yako House models from Turkey and abroad are growing with an increasing momentum every day.”

Representative of stylish, modern and healthy life

Pointing out that tiny houses have made the dwelling mobile with their portable format, Galip Ölmez said, “The Highway Traffic Regulation states that tiny houses have a fixed width of 2 meters 55 cm, a maximum length of 10 meters, a height of 4 meters including the trailer, and a weight of 3 kg with license plates and licenses. defines it as a caravan. We deliver the tiny houses that we design as turnkey within these limits by making an interim sales contract from a notary public. While we pave the way for a stylish, modern and healthy life with the tiny houses we build using natural materials, we bring people to the life they dream of with Yako House models that we have developed in a different style.”

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