Turkey Becomes Lithium-Ion Battery Production Base

Turkey Becomes Lithium-Ion Battery Production Base
Turkey Becomes Lithium-Ion Battery Production Base

The Lithium Ion Battery Production Facility to be established in Kayseri will be a first in Turkey. The facility, which will be opened in 2022, will also take the title of Europe's largest Lithium-ion facility. Thanks to the Lithium-Ion Battery Production Facility, Turkey will also produce its own lithium-ion battery technology and will end foreign dependency. The Lithium Ion Battery Base will also contribute to the domestic automobile TOGG.

Serious steps are being taken in Turkey for lithium-ion battery technology. ASPİLSAN is establishing a Lithium Ion Battery Production Base in Kayseri. The factory, which is planned to open in 2022, will be the largest Lithium-ion battery production facility not only in Turkey but also in Europe. Lithium-ion batteries are used in all areas of life, from electrical appliances to drones in the defense industry.

Affiliated with the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, ASPİLSAN Energy produces domestic and national solutions to meet this need.

In the production center in Kayseri, action was taken to produce all batteries that will meet the energy needs of daily life. Turkey's and Europe's largest lithium battery production base is being established in the city.

Thanks to the facility, Turkey will also produce its own lithium-ion battery technology.

The machines used in the production phase are also made domestic with R&D studies.

Electrical Engineer Ahmethan Aycan, who stated that they are working to purchase the required machinery from abroad in order to make the tailstock operations more suitable for mass production, said that they built the machine, which cost 60 thousand dollars abroad, for 35 thousand dollars, together with its mechanics, software and electrical studies.

According to the news of TRT Haber, ASPİLSAN General Manager Ferhat Özsoy stated that the first batteries they produce can create a battery for the automobile companies that will use cylindrical batteries, but that they will produce the batteries of the type used by the main big companies in the next stage.


The first battery to come off the production line will be of the cylindrical type, with a capacity of 2,8 ampere-hours and a voltage of 3,6 volts.

The facility, which will consist of three parts: electrode preparation, battery assembly and formation lines, will have a production capacity of 60 batteries per minute.

Batteries that can operate at low temperatures can be used in a wide variety of battery systems, as they have a high C-rate (discharge rate). Cells with cylindrical cells, but with higher capacity, can also be produced in the same machine systems at the factory.

It is aimed to complete the installation of machine systems in January 900 at the factory, whose approximate cost is planned to be between 1 million and 200 billion 2022 thousand liras, and to start mass production in April 2022.

ASPİLSAN, which is preparing to contribute to Togg, will be able to produce domestic batteries with domestic cells for TOGG when the second phase of the investment is completed.


Most of the construction has been completed in Turkey's first lithium-ion battery production facility, which has a closed area of ​​2022 thousand square meters, the foundation of which was laid in Mimarsinan Organized Industrial Zone in October last year and will begin mass production in 25.

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