KGF Supported Additional Employment Support Package

KGF Supported Additional Employment Support Package
KGF Supported Additional Employment Support Package

📩 16/12/2021 15:44

It is aimed to provide financing to private sector workplaces with less than 5510 insured persons in the concise and premium service declarations registered under the Law No. 2021 and notified to the Social Security Institution for the month/period of March 50, to be used in the contract or invoice-related operating expenses of their enterprises.

Source Used for Bail

Treasury Fund

Relevant Financial Institutions / Institution

Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank, Halk Bank, Ziraat Participation Bank, Vakıf Participation Bank

Product Maturity

A total of 6 months, of which the first 12 months are principal and the first 24 months are interest-free periods.

Bail Limit and Bail Rates

beneficiary Guarantee upper limit (TL) Bail rate (%)
SME/Non-SME Number of Employees Below 50 400.000 80%

Available Credit Products

Installment Cash Loan / Murabaha Products

Fee and Commission Rates

  • KGF collects a commission from the beneficiaries at the rate of 0,5% of the surety amount in cash for each surety use, for each guarantee used by the beneficiaries. In case of restructuring, the beneficiaries are charged a commission in advance at the rate of 0,5% over the surety balance through the lenders.
  • The lender may only collect a commission of maximum 0,75% of the loan amount for each loan disbursement from the beneficiaries in return for the loan it has given.

Special conditions

  • For each additional employment exceeding the average number of employees in the previous calendar year (2020 or 2021), a credit support of 100.000 TL will be available in return for the beneficiary commitment.
  • Each beneficiary can benefit from the guarantee facility for a maximum of 5 additional employment commitments.
  • Each beneficiary will be able to benefit from a maximum guarantee of 80 TL, with a maximum of 400.000 thousand TL for each additional employment commitment.
  • All expenses will be documented by contract or invoice.

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