Hulusi Akar: Domestic Engines Have Been Produced and Test Activities Continuing

Hulusi Akar: Domestic Engines Have Been Produced and Test Activities Continuing
Hulusi Akar: Domestic Engines Have Been Produced and Test Activities Continuing

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar spoke at the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, where the 2022 Budget Proposal of the Ministry of National Defense was discussed. Making a detailed presentation on the activities, Minister Akar stated that the test activities of domestic engines continue.

Ms. Hulusi Akar made the following statements on the subject in his speech: In history, the ships that were not delivered to our country even though we paid for them, and similarly, the embargo we were exposed to during the Cyprus Peace Operation is still in our memories. We have not forgotten the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, which we could not get their maintenance done even though we paid for it yesterday. Unfortunately, we see that this attitude and approach that we encountered in the past continues today in different shapes and sizes. Our experiences; has clearly shown us that the development of our domestic and national defense industry is of vital importance for the survival of our state and the security of our noble nation. For this reason, we work intensively with public institutions and organizations, foundation companies, private sector and universities, which are our stakeholders in the defense industry ecosystem, for the timely and cost-effective production and supply of the weapon systems needed by the Turkish Armed Forces. We get concrete results from this. No longer; We have reached the level where we can manufacture and even export a significant part of our critical weapons, systems and platforms ourselves with domestic and national means. But we are also aware that there is still a long way to go in this regard. Our aim; Mr. With the leadership, encouragement and support of our President, it is to carry the rate of domestic and nationality, which approaches 80%, to higher levels.


I would like to give brief information about the engine, which is closely related to the weapon systems. As you closely follow, as a result of the devoted work of our defense industry companies; Mass production of turbojet engines for missiles and domestic engines for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles has begun. Domestic engines have also been produced for tactical wheeled armored vehicles, Storm Howitzer, ALTAY Tank, GÖKBEY and ATAK helicopter, and AKINCI Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, and test activities continue. In addition, hybrid propulsion system integration into the armored M113 vehicle was completed within the scope of the Electric Armored Combat Vehicle Project. Work continues on the application of the system to Storm Howitzer and tanks.

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