BMC Produced 1 Altay Tank Prototype and 6 Storm Howitzers in Arifiye

BMC produced an Altay tank prototype and a storm howitzer in Arifiye
BMC produced an Altay tank prototype and a storm howitzer in Arifiye

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar spoke at the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, where the 2022 Budget Proposal of the Ministry of National Defense was discussed. Making a detailed presentation on the activities, Minister Akar gave information about the works carried out at Arifiye 1st Main Maintenance Factory and the general condition of the factory.

In his statement, Minister Akar said, "I would like to briefly talk about the status and activities of our Tank Pallet Factory, whose operating rights have been transferred for 25 years. The sale of the factory or its land is never out of question. All assets belonging to the Factory, including intellectual and industrial property rights, are owned by the State. All activities for the maintenance and production of the factory are carried out under the supervision and control of the Ministry of National Defense. During the transfer of operating rights, the factory personnel were not harmed and they were included in ASFAT, the company of our Ministry, in line with their demands. All of the transactions were carried out in accordance with the Constitution and laws; The lawsuits filed with the Council of State regarding the transfer of the business were rejected and the legality of the transactions was confirmed. Manufacturing, maintenance, repair and renewal processes continue in the factory as before. During this period, 6 Storm Howitzer and 1 Altay Tank Prototype, BMC Savunma A.Ş. Produced by Unfortunately, no results were obtained from the export license applications made for the Altay Tank power group supply. Under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industry, activities for the supply of power groups from other countries and the production of domestic power groups continue.

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