TCDD Made a Statement Regarding the News Regarding the Command Center

TCDD Made a Statement Regarding the News 'The Door of the Command Center Was Locked'
TCDD Made a Statement Regarding the News 'The Door of the Command Center Was Locked'

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate reported that the command center does not have a signaling system that manages the high-speed train (YHT) traffic that "affects the navigational safety of trains".

The General Directorate made a statement regarding the news in a newspaper with the headline "TCDD shut down the system: the door of the 123 million command center was locked".

In the statement made by TCDD, the information contained in the news titled "TCDD closed the system: The door of the 123 million command center was locked" does not reflect the truth, and contains biased and incorrect information written from the mouth of the relevant company without ever meeting with TCDD.

The service received with the contract made with the company in question is not a signaling system that "affects the safety of navigation of trains" as stated in the news, but a control center interface and planning software.

The interface software purchased from the aforementioned company was partially commissioned after its provisional acceptance in 2018, but the contract was terminated because it did not eliminate the shortcomings specified within the scope of the temporary acceptance deficiencies in the elapsed time.

The signaling system used in the YHT lines is the ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) system used in the High Speed ​​​​Train lines in Europe with the SIL-4 -Safety Integrity Level- (Highest security level) security level established by the German Siemens and Spanish Thales companies. High Speed ​​​​Train lines have been operated in this way since 2009.

In the planning software within the scope of the contract, making changes on the route as per the specification is only related to the calculation of how long the cruise times will be in the planning. This issue is not about operation but about planning.

Again, the passwords in the same news are user and maintainer passwords used to log into the system.

The matter has been brought to the judiciary, and we are following the legal process regarding the company that does not comply with the terms of the contract in order to protect the rights of our state and our institution.

All kinds of legal rights regarding the news that aim to mislead our people by influencing the ongoing legal process against TCDD are reserved.

Günceleme: 20/11/2021 14:51

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