Black Sea Cycling Route Will Increase Income and Employment in Tourism

black sea bike route will increase income and employment in tourism
black sea bike route will increase income and employment in tourism

Chairman Yüce said, “We focused on bicycle tourism, which will increase income and employment in the Black Sea. We gave 'bike friendly' trainings to our businesses. We determine a total of 5 bicycle tracks in 25 countries and prepare the stories of the routes, by processing them into the online system, we will make the region a favorite of bicycle lovers.”

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality has made a serious progress in the project that will make the Black Sea the most preferred route in cycling. Nearly 400 young people have received training within the scope of the 'Let's Pedal in the Black Sea' project. A total of 14 different entrepreneurship and mentoring trainings were given to tens of hotels, cafes, restaurants, recreational facilities and tourism operators in many fields. To develop a common tourism strategy between the countries bordering the Black Sea, break, repair and rest areas will be created, and routes will be determined on the routes where businesses will be prepared as 'bicycle friendly'. 5 bicycle tracks will be determined in 25 different countries. All information and materials about routes and tracks will be uploaded to the online platform that will be created. Thus, athletes and groups who will go on a bicycle journey in the region will have the opportunity to meet all their needs such as route, accommodation, bicycle repair.

Routes, online application, businesses and Tourism Festival

After the training processes related to the project, a certificate ceremony was held in a hotel in Serdivan today. Ekrem Yüce, the President of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, welcomed the guests from Turkey and other countries. In addition, representatives of the project partners Herman Kerpenko, Levan Tsulukıdze, Zviad Elızıanı, Milena Stayanova, Penka Kzhuharova representing Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia and Romania, and Turan Bek and Barış Boru representing Turkey, held their first face-to-face meeting about the project. . Chairman Yüce and the representatives discussed the routes to be created at the meeting, bicycle-friendly businesses, online platform and bicycle investments. Also, within the scope of the project, the good news was given that the International Tourism Festival, which will last for 2022 days, will be held in Sakarya in 5.

“We are preparing the stories of the routes in 5 different countries”

Stating that they focused on bicycle tourism in order to increase income and employment in the Black Sea region and started to prepare the stories of the routes for the online platform, Mayor Yüce said, “As you know, Sakarya has been entitled to receive the Bicycle Friendly City Title, which only 14 cities in the world have. In order to be worthy of this title, we carry out many projects in the field of bicycles. One of these projects was the Let's Pedal in the Black Sea Project, of which we are a leading institution. Within the scope of the project, we focus on bicycle tourism, which is an important element in order to increase income and employment in the Black Sea region. Within the scope of the project, we aim to extend the stay of tourists in the region, which is below the international average. For this purpose, we carry out studies that will diversify tourism products and services and ensure that activities continue throughout the year. We determine a total of 5 bicycle tracks in 25 countries and prepare the stories of the routes. We carry the determined routes and the experiences that can be gained on the route to online platforms.” said.

10 months of work with a budget of 30 million TL

Expressing that the project for approximately 900 thousand euros has begun to be implemented, President Yüce said, “As Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, our stakeholders, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, will continue for 30 months within the scope of the European Union Cross-border Cooperation Program in the Black Sea Basin with Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Georgia, and a total of 900 thousand Euros. We started a project with a budget. Today, our representatives from Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia, which are among our stakeholders, are among us. On behalf of our compatriots, I would like to welcome our guests who come to Sakarya, the city of cities, for the certificate ceremony and other events. Our 'Sakarya is your home, we welcome the world!' We have a slogan. I am sure that you will experience closely the meaning of this slogan during your stay in our city.” he said.

Athletes and tourists will easily meet all their needs

President Yüce, emphasizing that the project will facilitate the lives of athletes and tourists, and allow accommodation, shopping and social activities on the route, said, “We provide entrepreneurship training and mentorship services to 475 people in order to expand the businesses that will facilitate the lives of athletes and tourists on the routes passing through our city. Our entrepreneurs, who receive training on basic tourism concepts, hospitality, communication skills, use of social media, and innovative approaches, establish businesses on these routes that can meet the needs such as accommodation, shopping and social activities for athletes and tourists. Thus, thanks to the routes and the social opportunities on the routes, it will increase the bicycle tourism in the Black Sea above the international average; Through this channel, we will increase the income and employment rate in the region.” used the phrases. After the speeches, President Yüce presented the certificates to the participants of the training. In the statement made, it was stated that the guests from 5 countries will work on the project with the bureaucrats of the Metropolitan Municipality for 2 days in Sakarya.

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