STSO President Eken: Let's Organize Sivas Days in Sivas in 2022

STSO President Eken: Let's Organize Sivas Days in Sivas in 2022
STSO President Eken: Let's Organize Sivas Days in Sivas in 2022

📩 16/11/2021 11:12

Mustafa Eken, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO), participated in the 12th Sivas Days program held in Istanbul with our board of directors and council members.

President Mustafa Eken, who visited the stands of companies from Sivas in the SAHA EXPO Defense Aviation and Space Industry Fair within the scope of the Istanbul program, received information about the works.

Visiting Sivas business people operating in Istanbul with Governor Salih Ayhan, Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, OIZ directors and Sivas delegation, our President Mustafa Eken said, “We invite business people from Sivas to invest in our city. Sivas continues to grow and develop. Demirağ is among the advantageous provinces in terms of investment with its OIZ. We will all put our bodies under the stone to bring Sivas what it deserves," he said.

President Eken, who gave information about Sivas's economy and OIZs in the protocol speeches held at the Sivas Days, thanked those who contributed to the organization of the program and said, “We are proud that all Sivas come together in unity and solidarity during the Sivas Days. With this table, Sivas shows its unity better. Sivas is not the old Sivas anymore. Sivas Promotion days, which started 12 years ago, have come to these days. Opportunities back then are not the same as now. At that time, there were not enough flights to Sivas. Now 3-5 flights arrive daily. High Speed ​​​​Train is almost coming. Our roads are fine. Sivas is not the old Sivas. Sivas, with its First and Second OIZs, Gemerek and Sarkisla OIZ, shows its difference with the increase in employment and new factories opening every day. We went to the door of our businessmen with our Governor, Mayor and gave information about investment opportunities. We said, "Come, make your family a womb, come back and invest in our city," and we listened to their expectations and demands. We go from door to door for the development of Sivas, no one should have any doubt about it. Our President has a word of encouragement. There is nothing our President has promised or not. We have no doubts about this either. We are following this issue closely.

We all have full faith in the fact that the gospel of our President will be fulfilled. Incentive will come, Sivas will get what it deserves”.


Calling for the Sivas Days program to be held in Sivas in 2022, our President Eken said, “Let's hold these promotion days in Sivas in 2022, and introduce Sivas to all of Turkey and the world. Our fellow citizens from the Black Sea should not be angry with me, but we cannot do lobbying activities like them. While we have so many valuable deputies, bureaucrats and ministers, we need to show the power of Sivas to the whole world. We need to show Sivas, the Yiğido in a real sense. We don't have a party distinction, we don't have a political distinction. We do not distinguish between Alevi, Sunni, Kurdish or Turkish, we are all brothers and friends. Let's not give an opportunity to those who try to divide this country. Let's not give an opportunity to those who try to divide our city. Our country is going through difficult times due to the pandemic. It is in our hands to get out of this situation, we can overcome this situation by working harder. Sivas is really growing and developing. We have no place left in the first OSB. Every day, our businessmen come to visit Demirağ OIZ for new investments. The number of SSK members in Sivas has exceeded 100 thousand. 75 of them are employed by the private sector. In order to show this change, we are waiting for all of you, all the people of Sivas in the world, to their hometowns in 2022. If the task falls to us, as STSO, we are at your disposal to bring all the people of Sivas to Sivas.”

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