TCDD Informs Citizens to Minimize Level Crossing Accidents

informs citizens on level crossing awareness day
informs citizens on level crossing awareness day

International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD), organized by the World Railway Community (UIC), is celebrated in Turkey with the activities of TCDD. Level Crossing Awareness Day, organized in 40 countries, aims to raise public awareness of the dangers at level crossings.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) informs the citizens on the Level Crossing Awareness Day, which was held for the 13th time this year. TCDD continues its in-house training, citizen awareness and technological infrastructure studies to minimize accidents at level crossings.

TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun said, “Our most important agenda with our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is about railway safety. We have declared 2021 as the year of safety. Our goal is to establish a safer railway network in terms of life and property safety. We are committed to continuously monitoring and finalizing various measures under the title of “Full Site Safety”. At level crossings, our citizens are our stakeholders. We are working to inform and educate them.”

In our country, 2019 level crossing accidents occurred in 106, 2020 in 65, and 2021 in 20. A significant decrease was recorded in accident rates with awareness raising and infrastructure works.

It was determined that the accidents were caused by the drivers crossing the level crossing uncontrollably and not paying attention to the signs and pointers. Within the scope of the "Full Field Safety" works of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, joint projects with many universities are produced and implemented in order to minimize accidents.

In Turkey; 2 level crossings on railways serve citizens. Most of the geese are caused by carelessness and not following the rules. The sudden stop distance of trains at average speed is calculated as 681-750 meters. Carelessness at level crossings causes loss of life, material damage and loss of time.

The ALO 24 notification line, which is established against any negativity in the railways and provides 131-hour service, plays an active role in preventing accidents in emergency situations with the notification of citizens.


1. CAUTION! Pay attention to warning signs and devices for the presence of railway crossings and the possibility of an approaching train.
2. STOP! At level crossings, the superiority of crossing is always in railway vehicles. If the train is coming, all pedestrian and road vehicles must definitely stop and give way to the train.
3. STOP! LOOK! LISTEN! LATE! Level crossings may not always have flashing lights, bells and/or barriers or may not work. So stop, look carefully and listen. Make sure there are no oncoming trains and that the crossing is safe.

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