Ministry of Justice Will Recruit 23 Contracted Translators

Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Justice

In order to be employed in the central organization of the Ministry of Justice, paragraph (B) of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 4 and Annex 06, titled "Exam Requirement" of the "Principles Regarding Employment of Contracted Personnel" put into effect by the Council of Ministers Decree dated 06/1978/7 and numbered 15754/2. According to the results of the oral exam conducted by our Ministry, 2020 times the vacant position for each language title, by placing the 10-KPSS (B group) in line with subparagraph (c) of the first paragraph of the article n, 10 English, 8 French and 5 German A translator-interpreter will be received in the language.

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1) To meet the conditions specified in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No.48,

2) To be graduated from the relevant departments of higher education institutions that provide education at least at the undergraduate level or from the relevant departments of higher education institutions in Turkey and abroad whose equivalence is accepted by the competent authorities,

3) Within five years as of the last day of the application date, a score of (B) in at least one of the English, French or German parts of the foreign language exam (YDS) held by the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) or within two years as of the last day of the application date To have another document with international validity, which is accepted as YDS equivalence by ÖSYM in terms of language proficiency,

4) To have a score sufficient to be among the candidates 2020 times the position announced in the 3 Public Personnel Selection Exam KPSSP10 score type,


Candidates refer to 19/04 / 2021-03 / 05/2021 date, hour between 23: 59: 59 up by logging on to the address will perform e-Government on activating the specified calendar using the upcoming job application screen. Applications made in person or by mail will not be accepted.

Candidates' education information and 2020 KPSS scores will be received via the relevant web services. Candidates whose education information cannot be obtained or who appear incorrect are required to tick the relevant box and upload their education documents (PDF or JPEG) to the system.

Candidates are required to complete the application process by uploading the following documents to the system completely and one by one. Candidates are responsible for inaccuracies and missing documents in the uploaded documents.

After the application process is completed, the candidates are required to check whether their application has been completed on the "My Applications" screen. Any application that does not see the phrase "Application Completed" on the "My Applications" screen will not be evaluated.

Documents to be uploaded to the system;

1) Document showing the level of foreign language knowledge,

2) Photo and detailed CV,

3) Written declaration stating that there are no disabilities in terms of health (Annex-1 Declaration sample) It may be requested from the candidates to submit the originals of the documents uploaded to the system.

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