Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to Recruit 47 Contracted Personnel

Environment and urban ministry
Environment and urban ministry

KPSS 2021/5 preference guide and KPSS 2021/5 preference guide were made available to candidates before the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization preferences. The applications that started on April 47 for the process of employing 15 personnel will continue until April 21, 2021.

KPSS-2021/5 The process of Obtaining Preference from Candidates for Placement in Contracted Positions of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has started. Placement will be made to the contracted positions of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to be employed within the scope of Article 657 / B of the Civil Servants Law No. 4. Candidates will be able to access the KPSS-2021/5 Preference Guide from the link below as of 10.45:XNUMX PM.

Candidates can make their preferences by ÖSYM between 15 - 21 April 2021. They will be able to do it from the internet address. The preference process will end at 21 on April 2021, 23.59.

According to the rules of the KPSS-2021/5 Preference Guide in the Annex, the preference procedures are made by ÖSYM. It will be done individually from the internet address by using TR ID number and candidate password. Candidates are required to carefully review the guide for the selection process.

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