Two Awards with TAV Technologies Passenger Flow Management Platform Kazanoutside

tav technologies passenger flow management platform with two awards kazandi
tav technologies passenger flow management platform with two awards kazandi

TAV Technologies won two separate awards for its Passenger Flow Management Platform, which enables to take precautions by predicting passenger queues at the airport. kazanwas. Using camera data, the system analyzes waiting times and density in real time, giving warnings without queuing.

TAV Airports subsidiary of TAV Technologies, International Data Corporation (IDC) has been awarded IDC CIO Summit organized by the Turkey office of the 12th. The Passenger Flow Management Platform (Passenger Flow Management Platform) developed by TAV Technologies with its own resources won the first prize in the category of the information solution that creates the best customer experience.

TAV Technologies General Manager Kerem Öztürk was awarded with the same product at the CIO Awards organized by CXO Media recently. kazanwas. The IDC CIO Summit, which was held online this year, was organized under the title of "Innovative Digital Strategies: Adapting to the Requirements of the New Reality".

TAV Technologies General Manager Kerem Öztürk said, “The pandemic process has accelerated the process for smart airport solutions all over the world. The IT solutions we have developed provide a fast and comfortable travel experience for passengers, while enabling efficient use of resources for airport operators, airlines and other stakeholders. Our award-winning product analyzes data such as density, waiting time, queue length in real time by using the camera data in the terminal in compliance with the regulations for the protection of personal data. Thanks to the algorithm it uses, it predicts possible densities and gives warnings. Being able to manage the passenger flow correctly contributes directly to passenger satisfaction by reducing waiting times. It allows operators to make accurate resource planning. Especially important during the pandemic period kazanIt can follow social distance at the moment. The products and solutions we developed as TAV Technologies are now used in more than 13 airports in 30 countries on three continents. Award with products that we developed entirely with our own resources kazanIt is also valuable for us.”

The Passenger Flow Management Platform developed by TAV Technologies was first used at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. The platform is planned to be available all over the world in the coming days, especially at the airports operated by TAV.

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