Mersin Intelligent Public Transportation System Has Been Launched

smart public transportation system in Mersin was implemented
smart public transportation system in Mersin was implemented

Providing services with technological infrastructure in order to ease Mersin transportation, the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department has implemented the Smart Public Transportation System, which has an important place in smart city applications. Thanks to the 'Taxi Tariff' and 'School Bus Information' modules in the system, Mersin Metropolitan ranks first among the municipalities that use the Intelligent Public Transportation System. Thanks to the system that has been worked on for about 1.5 years, citizens will be able to travel in the city very comfortably without waiting for a bus and without wasting time.

All the details expected from the transportation service are in this system

The 'Vehicles and Routes on Line' module shows the closest stops to the passenger, the bus lines passing through these stops and route information according to the location of the passenger. The 'When My Bus Will Come' module shows how many minutes the bus will arrive at the stop where the passenger is located, while the arrival route of the bus can be followed instantly on the map. From these modules, you can find information about the duration of the bus, the length of the line, the number of buses running on the line, the main route, the compatibility of the bus to be used for disabled people and whether there is a bicycle apparatus.

Tarsus, Gülnar, Anamur and rural neighborhoods are included in the 'Departure Hours' module.

The module included in the system and providing the greatest convenience to the citizens is the 'Departure Hours' module, which also includes the voyage times of rural neighborhoods and districts far from the center. With this module, citizens can see the hours of the Metropolitan's lines that provide access to Tarsus, Gülnar, Anamur and rural neighborhoods. This module also contains information such as on-duty trips, reinforcements, delayed flights, flight cancellation, breakdown or maintenance status of buses.

While the 'All Stops' module shows all the stops where the public transportation vehicles of the Metropolitan Municipality in Mersin pass,' How can I go? The module lists how the passenger who wants to use public transport can go to the point they want to go, with alternative route and line information, by which lines, in the shortest time.

'Taxi Tariff' and 'School Service Module' are among the firsts

The system, created by the Department of Transportation, includes firsts among the similar modules with the 'Taxi Schedule' and 'School Bus Information' module. With the 'Taxi Tariff' module, citizens can access all taxi stands, taxi vehicle, driver and license plate information. With the 'Taxi Price Calculation' module in the same module, the taxi fare up to the destination of the citizen is automatically calculated.

The 'School Bus Information' module is a system prepared entirely by considering students and parents. In the 'Driver or Vehicle Inquiry' tab in the module, school bus, license plate and bus driver information can be accessed, while the 'Service Fee Calculation' tab automatically calculates the annual fee between the students' homes and schools.

Transportation card will be taken to the address of the citizen

There is an 'Online Application' tab in the 'Mersin 33 Card Module', which allows you to take online applications for the public transportation card. With this tab, citizens can apply over the internet without going to the card office and request the card to their residence address. In this module, there is also the 'HEPP Registration' tab to 'Balance Inquiry' and to integrate the HEPP Code with the card.

The 'Transportation to Mersin' module includes facilities such as how passengers coming from outside the city will arrive by land, air, sea and rail, which companies provide transportation, company names and telephone information. The "Lost and Found" module contains the address and contact information of the movement centers that citizens can call in case they forget their belongings on the bus. While the 'FAQ' tab answers the Frequently Asked Questions about the public transportation service, the 'Contact Us' tab allows the citizens to send their requests, suggestions and complaints about the transportation services of the Metropolitan Municipality.

Citizens can use the system by clicking on via phone or computer.

"We tried to be among the firsts"

While sharing the details of the system, Bayram Demir, the Public Transport Branch Manager of the Department of Transportation, said: “The Intelligent Public Transportation System is a software system that meets all the expectations and needs of all our citizens who provide transportation within the city without the need for anyone. With this system, we first try to encourage public transportation. At the same time, we aim to provide convenient, comfortable and safe transportation for our passengers using public transportation. Our modules in the application meet all expectations of a passenger and contain all the information on the lines they use; It is a software system that allows you to easily access when the bus will arrive, which bus will pass from the stops at the point where it is located, and at what time it will pass. In a manner worthy of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey we tried to get one of the first on some issues. That's why we thought not only public transportation but also taxi users and the parents of our students at the school. We have put in modules that will facilitate their lives and transportation. "

The facilities provided by the Intelligent Public Transportation System

The Intelligent Public Transportation System is managed by the system operators in the Public Transport Fleet Management Center under the Transportation Department. Thanks to the system, it is aimed to reduce the travel time of citizens and increase traffic safety. System; It is a system that includes multi-directional data exchange between user-vehicle-infrastructure-center and monitoring, measurement, analysis and control. Thanks to this system, all buses can be followed during the voyage. In case of any negativity during the voyage, with the panic button, the Public Transport Fleet Management System Operators are instantly notified in the form of an alarm. With this notification, instant intervention can be provided to the situation.

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