Life of Mehmetçi, Strengthened by Domestic and National Technology

life exhibition of mehmetcig empowered with domestic and national technology
life exhibition of mehmetcig empowered with domestic and national technology

The weapons, equipment and living materials used by Mehmetçi in the fight against terrorism were exhibited at the Land Aviation Command in Ankara. A publicity press tour was organized under the name of “Life of Mehmetçi, Empowered by Domestic and National Technology”. In the exhibition, which was visited by directors and reporters of newspapers, television, internet and magazines, detailed information was given, from the living areas in the base areas of Mehmetçi to the weapons he used.

Due to the exhibition, the base area where the safety belt, vehicle parking area and life support unit are located was built exactly within the Land Aviation Command. In the exhibition, there was an "accordion barrier system" in which barriers that can be filled with sand, rubble, gravel or soil in order to protect against threats and attacks in the outer security section where the obstacles and fortifications produced by our Ministry and ballistic protected guard huts and towers are located.

In the same section, the two-storey ballistic tower with a height of 4,5 meters, built with interlocking stones without mortar, called "Lego", a 2,4-meter-high monoblock watch box, a fuel supply trailer with a volume of 5 thousand tons, and a position bunker were introduced.

In the section covering life support units used in all weather and terrain conditions, the image monitoring center, bunker, container and manga living areas, bathroom, laundry, toilet and infirmary containers, mobile oven and kitchen unit, cold storage and kitchen machines were located.

In the third part of the base area, weapons, ammunition, equipment and optical materials, clothing, food and living materials were exhibited. The press members were shown practically how the base areas were protected by air monitoring on a 24-hour basis using drones. In the activity, which attracted great interest from press members, soups, pastries and bread prepared by our Mehmetciks were served to the guests.

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