Covid-Free Train Flights Started Between Rome and Milan Cities in Italy

rome milano covid-free train service started
rome milano covid-free train service started

📩 17/04/2021 14:35

'Covid-free' train services, where certain procedures to combat Kovid-19, began between Rome, the capital city of Italy, and Milan. While it was stated that only those who were negative for the Covid-19 test could get on, the train made its first flight from Roma Termini station at 08.50.

It has been reported that high-speed trains between Rome and Milan will only transport passengers and staff who have a negative corona virus test.

It was reported that people who want to buy tickets to the train must submit a document that the Covid-48 test is negative 19 hours before departure, while passenger candidates who do not submit a document should come to the train stations 50 minutes before departure and perform a Covid test.

It was stated that two separate high-speed trains will travel between the cities and the passenger capacity is limited to 50 percent.

It was also stated that there are areas where passengers can have a Kovid-19 test before departure at both stations.

Vaccinated individuals must also present a certificate or take a test to be allowed on the train.

While it was stated that passengers who test positive at the station will not be able to get on the train, Italian train operator TrenItalia has announced that 100 percent of the ticket price will be refunded in the form of a coupon or cash refund to those who cannot get on the train.

The plan was announced by the Italian State Railways Group last month.

The first voyages will be made between Rome and Milan; It was later announced that the routes would be increased and passengers would be allowed to 'travel in complete safety to attractions such as Florence, Venice, Naples and others'.

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