What Are The Methods For Learning English At Home?

learn english online
learn english online

📩 04/01/2023 08:44

If you want to learn English but do not have the budget and / or time to do so, you can start learning a foreign language at home with the simple methods listed below.

  1. Take Firm Steps

To learn English without the help of a teacher or course, you have to move confidently and without hurry. You shouldn't expect that he will study English for a few days and speak English fluently.

Set realistic goals to learn a foreign language. Take a set amount of time each day to learn English. Half an hour is fine to get started, but better if you can spare more time.

The biggest advantage of learning English on your own is that you determine the place, time and method to learn by yourself, but it is still possible to deceive yourself by making excuses such as I'm tired today, I'll do it tomorrow. Therefore, constant, determined and consistent study is very important in learning English.

  1. Watch Movies and Series

In the past, it was difficult to access English resources. Let alone watching movies or TV shows in English, only 30 years ago, only one channel broadcast on television at certain hours. Nowadays, we can find the English version of almost everything around us. In this way, we can stay in touch with English every day. You can use this to your advantage in your English learning journey. In this context, making use of foreign movies and TV series is very useful for learning English.

While children learn to speak, they do not learn by reading or writing. They listen to the voices of the people around them. Although a baby does not understand anything at first, they begin to learn and repeat words as time passes. Learned words gradually turn into sentences and eventually they start speaking.

You can apply the similar method yourself. Most of the popular movies and series are of American origin, so they are all in English. Thus, for a person who likes to watch movies, they can access almost unlimited English resources.

Make it a habit to watch foreign channels, TV series and movies without subtitles or with English subtitles in their original language instead of subtitles.

In the beginning, choose to watch the movies and TV series you have watched in Turkish before in English. Having seen the movie before and knowing the dialogues in Turkish will further help you understand what is being said in English. While watching the movie, you can write down the sentences that you like or think are useful in a notebook and use them in your own sentences.

If you do not like to take notes, you can install the VoScreen application on your mobile, which already uses lines from popular movies to learn English. Thanks to this application, which we find very successful, you can learn the lines from many popular movies with both English and Turkish subtitles and use them in your daily life.

If you encounter dialogs that you do not understand, you can pause the broadcast, rewind and watch it again. With this method, you can improve not only your listening skills, but also your pronunciation of words. English without even realizing it sohbet You can come to the level that you can.

  1. Listen to music

Almost everyone likes to listen to music. People may have different musical tastes, one may like classical music and the other may like pop music, but what everyone has in common is music. Most of the music produced in the world is in the English language. Even non-native English artists sing in English. For example, Turkey won the only Eurovision championship with a song Sertap Erener sang in English.

You can use it as a tool to learn English while listening to music. Music is one of the most enjoyable ways to learn English by yourself. The best thing about learning English with music is that words stay better in your mind. Without even realizing it, you can learn a new word, a new phrase, a new pronunciation every time you listen to your favorite English songs. Since the language used in English songs in general is colloquial English, you will learn the spoken language.

  1. Read A Book

Reading is good. Reading books is better to learn English.

Even though reading is a classic method, you can use this habit to learn English. Regardless of your foreign language knowledge, create a reading list of books suitable for your level, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Make sure to read this list at the same time every day. Even if you don't have time during the day, you can read an English book for 15 minutes before going to bed.

You may not understand every sentence you read. You may come across foreign words whose meaning you do not know. In such cases, underline that word and try to deduce its meaning from the sentence's entirety. Then check the meaning you extracted from a dictionary and reread it. Over time, you will notice that your foreign language level has improved.

  1. Follow the news

It is important for general culture to follow the latest news. Following the current developments in the world allows you to have information about topics and events that you can talk about in a friend or business environment. Generally, everyone talks about current news related topics. For example, the rumor of a famous football player transfer, changes in dollar or euro exchange rates, the release date of the latest version of FIFA on the Playstation. Therefore, if you are not informed about current developments, you cannot be included in these conversations.

You can participate in conversations more confidently by listening to and reading the news in English. In this way, you will not only learn about what is happening in the world, but also do an activity that helps you learn English.

Don't worry if you don't know enough foreign languages ​​to understand all the English news. You can read the news on the same subject first in Turkish, then the English version of the same news. Thus, it will be easier for you to understand the patterns and words used and to associate them with each other.

You can use websites that offer news for English learners. In particular, we can recommend the website called Voice of America. On this site, you can follow the latest news according to your own English level. Since the site includes audio news as well as news articles, you can improve not only reading skills but also listening and pronunciation skills. Thus, you will improve three different English skills at the same time.

  1. YouTube Use it

YouTubeAs the world's largest video sharing platform, it includes all kinds of videos. You can watch the English videos specially prepared for different areas by choosing the ones that suit your interests.

The biggest advantage of the videos you will watch in your area of ​​interest is that you already have knowledge about that topic, so it will be easier for you to understand the subject than other videos. You will not encounter problems such as loss of motivation or boredom, as you are already interested in the topics.

YouTubeThere are many channels for English learners on. This type of broadcast for English learners YouTube You can subscribe to channels. Try to watch a video every day here. Do not break this order, even if you do not understand it at first. You will find that over time you will understand what is spoken.

You can also follow English channels specially designed for people who want to learn English, which you can follow at your own pace of learning. YouTubeYou can find on the BBC's created for English learners. YouTube You can use the channel for this purpose.

  1. Download English Education Apps to Your Mobile Phone

If you want to learn English at home, free mobile phone apps created for this purpose can be a great option for you.

Thanks to free mobile phone applications, you can improve your English knowledge in reading, learning new words (vocabulary), grammar (grammar), listening (listening). By downloading whatever you want from the mobile phone applications, you can evaluate your free time not only at home, but also in the subway, on the bus, on vacation, in the park, in the shopping mall, in short, and study English on your own.

  1. Use Your Devices in English

Translate the interfaces and menus of all the devices you use, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, into English. In this way, you will learn the words and become familiar with the new foreign language.

  1. Test Your English Level

Before starting to learn English, make sure to measure your current level with online tests. Regularly throughout your English learning process Your level of English measure. If you do not do this, you will not be able to know how much progress you have made.

The best way to understand your Progress in English is to use online tests. For this purpose free online English tests you can use.

  1. Speak English at Every Opportunity

There is always someone around you trying to learn English. Form an "English Conversation Club" with these friends. Get together at regular intervals to practice your English. Get together regularly to practice speaking English, whether at a home or at a cafe. Absolutely forbid speaking Turkish in this group. The more often you get together, the better it will be. In the speaking club, let another person determine the topic of that day each week and send it to the group members before the interview by making preliminary research. In this way, you will have a more consistent path since you will focus on a certain subject, not free speech.

It would be great if you could include an American, British, Canadian, Australian native speaker to the speaking club as a moderator.

If you do not have such an opportunity, there are 7/24 live conversation classes with native English speaking teachers. Online English Courses You can register. With online English courses, you can live in a remote district of Anatolia or in a metropolis like Istanbul, and whenever you want, you can practice speaking with foreign people from different parts of the world and with teachers whose native language is English. The unlimited participation in these speaking clubs means that you can practice speaking to learn as much English as you want. Since the topics of conversation change every week, the question of which subject we will talk about disappears.

  1. Go abroad

You may have heard that the best way to learn a foreign language is to attend a language school abroad. This is really true. Since no one will translate Turkish to you in the country you are visiting, you will have to use and speak that language. This is called foreign language exposure and is arguably the most effective way to learn a foreign language.

But to learn English abroad, you absolutely need two things: Money and Time.

To learn English abroad, you have to pay a lot of money. More important than money is time. If you are working to learn English abroad, you have to quit your job, and if you are studying, you have to leave your school. For this reason, if you cannot take the time to learn English abroad or if the prices are too high, you have a global experience. from language school you can get support.

  1. Enroll in a Reliable and Successful English Course

An English course is an important investment for those who want to learn English. Before researching English course options, ask yourself why you want to learn English and make a list of your goals.

If your goal is to prepare for multiple-choice exams such as YDS and YÖKDİL, where speaking English is not important, check out courses such as Remzi Hoca, who specializes in this subject. If your goal is to prepare for exams such as IELTS and TOEFL where speaking is also important, first increase your general English level and speaking proficiency by attending the courses of a reliable and successful language school.

If your goal is to speak English, this is what it should be, an experienced language school's online From English courses ve from private English lessons you may be injured. Thanks to the online courses, you can reach a quality language education at affordable prices wherever you are.

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