ESHOT 2020 Annual Report Approved

eshot annual report approved
eshot annual report approved

The 2020 Annual Report of the General Directorate of ESHOT was voted and accepted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council yesterday. According to the report, ESHOT General Directorate has become the municipal organization that has signed the biggest bus purchase at a time by allocating approximately half of its expenditure budget to the purchase of new buses in 2020 despite the severe pandemic conditions.

According to the 2020 Activity Report, which was discussed and approved by the General Directorate of ESHOT in the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, work was carried out towards the goals determined in the Strategic Plan of the institution covering the 2020-2024 period. CHP Assembly Group making evaluations about the report SözcüSü Nilay Kökkılınç, “ESHOT, which meets approximately half of all public transportation services in İzmir, provides citizens with equal, accessible, comfortable and quality service. Looking at the 2020 Annual Report of the institution, it is seen that the austerity measures published by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality are complied with, and the public resources are used effectively, efficiently and economically in accordance with the principles of financial transparency ”.

Investing despite the pandemic

Noting that the coronavirus epidemic, which has been going on since March 2019, negatively affected the social and economic life in our country as well as all over the world, Kökkılınç continued as follows: losses occurred. At this point, the rate of those using public transportation is still around 80 percent compared to the pre-pandemic. These conditions also created a significant loss of income for ESHOT. However, despite all these negative conditions, we see that the institution continues its investments to increase the service quality and allocates a significant part of its budget to new bus purchases. "

364 buses were bought in one go

In this context, Kökkılınç stated that a total of 32 vehicles including 10 solo buses and 10 articulated buses and 52 midibuses, which are environmentally friendly, comfortable, suitable for disabled passengers and stand out with their technological equipment, were purchased from the State Supply Office (DMO). The biggest bus purchase in a single trip was signed. A total of 2020 solo and 20 articulated buses were purchased in a single item with a very affordable price, payment terms and after-sales service package, ”he said.

There is no other municipality doing this

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate, "the first time in Turkey" disabled citizens use the specially produced four bus Kökkılınç Noting that included the fleet, was finished by saying: "December 2015, received 15 solo buses, and again in 2020 ' Considering the 16 solo buses included in the İZULAŞ fleet, we see that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has put a total of 15 new buses into the service of our citizens in the last 451 months. In Turkey, a municipality can do that is second to none. Thus, 2020 of the '2024 new buses' target, which President Tunç Soyer included in the 500-451 Strategic Plan, was realized in the first two years. "

Best service despite the damage

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “During the pandemic period, we took very important steps towards rejuvenating our bus fleet and providing our citizens with safer and more comfortable public transportation in order to ensure the maximum health safety in public transportation. On March 18, 2020, when the pandemic bans started, 1315 buses; There were a total of 1 million 800 thousand boarding passes per day. Today, our 1338 vehicles are in service; however, the number of our daily rides is around 800 thousand. In other words, we serve fewer passengers with more buses. Despite all these crises, we did not reduce the number of voyages. "We continued to serve in the best possible way, despite the cost increases and losses," he said.

Featured activities in 2020

According to the accepted ESHOT General Directorate Activity Report for the year 2020, ESHOT's Expense Budget was 1.337.748.998 TL, the realization rate was 90,8 percent, the Revenue Budget was TL, and the realization rate was 101,53 percent.
The highlights of the activities of the General Directorate of ESHOT in 2020 are as follows:

People's Vehicle application

under the first and only application in Turkey, public transportation services between the hours of 05.00:07.00 to 19.00:20.00 and 50:134 to 50:31 every day of the week given a 2019 percent discount. Thus, a contribution of approximately 77 TL per month is made to each passenger who gets on full board. The monthly savings of the students reach 70 TL. The application started on March XNUMX, XNUMX. Since then, XNUMX million boarding passes have been made within the scope of the Public Vehicle Application. The total amount of savings contribution provided to citizens exceeded XNUMX million TL.

A monthly contribution of 106 TL to the student

Discounts were given to students in November 2019. 1.80 TL, not 1.64 TL; Moreover, they travel for 120 minutes without transfer fee. Likewise, 60-year-old citizens and teachers can use all public transportation without paying a transit fee for 120 minutes. The monthly benefit provided to each student in 2020 was approximately 106 TL.

Children Izmirim Card

The "Child Card Application", which families who receive social assistance from the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, can use with their children between the ages of 0-5, was launched on August 1, 2019. In line with the project, which aims to socialize children more with their families, the number of active Children's İzmirim Cards used in 2020 reached 990.

Five new Izmirim Kart centers and mobile service vehicles

The number of Izmirim Card application centers, which previously served with a center and a branch in Konak, was increased to 7. In the units opened at Bostanlı Ferry Port, Fahrettin Altay Transfer Center, Bornova Metro Station, Hilal Transfer Center and Üçyol Metro Station; Disabled, veteran, veteran's relative, martyr's relative, 65 years old, 60 years old, student and teacher card transactions are made. In addition, İzmirim Card Mobile Application Unit, which is planned to serve the surrounding districts within the program to be announced in advance, has been put into service as of April 12.

İZTAŞIT (Integration of Individual Transportation to Public Transportation System Project)

It was implemented in Seferihisar, which was selected as a pilot region, within the scope of the project for the integration of individual transporters in surrounding districts to the urban public transportation system. Individual public transport cooperatives were gathered under a single roof, and ESHOT started to serve under the name of İZTAŞIT under supervision. Thanks to the application, rural areas where ESHOT cannot serve were also included in the public transportation network. 60 and 65 age group citizens, disabled people, students and teachers living in these regions; started to use free and discounted public transportation rights. With the departure of the minibuses; the period of cash in public transport is over; İzmirim Card usage started. Thanks to the new buses, travel comfort and safety have increased. The irregular stop-and-go stops of the minibuses have also come to an end, contributing to general traffic safety. The project is planned to be implemented in other surrounding districts; Negotiations continue with individual transport cooperatives in this direction.

Advantageous bus purchase

In the last month of 2019 and in 2020, despite all the negative conditions brought by the pandemic process, new buses were purchased at extremely affordable prices and payment terms. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has signed the biggest bus purchase in the country at one time in 2020.

Only for the use of disabled citizens, at the same time can carry seven passengers in wheelchairs, a total of 7 passenger capacity of 14 first in Turkey with the acquisition of a disabled bus was thrown. The total number of buses ESHOT has purchased since December 4; 2019 (435 solo, 236 bellows, 170 midibuses, 25 disabled). In June 4, when 2020 solo buses purchased to join the İZULAŞ fleet were included, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality purchased a total of 16 buses during the term of Mayor Tunç Soyer. The total cost of the 451 new buses included in the ESHOT fleet was approximately 435 million TL. The debt will be paid in equal installments in 635 months (60 years), without any maturity difference. Five-year free service was included in the agreement with the firm. If 5 buses were to be purchased from DMO today, this figure would exceed 435 million TL. Moreover, this figure would have to be paid in advance. Considering the interest of bank loans that need to be provided at once in order to pay this, the profitability of the purchase made by the General Directorate of ESHOT on behalf of the public is much better understood. With the 745 new buses added to the İZULAŞ fleet in June 2020, the total cost of the 16 bus investment made for İzmir in the last two years was approximately 451 million TL. In the Strategic Plan covering the period 647-2020, 2024 new buses were foreseen to be purchased.

Bus fleet got younger

When President Soyer took office, the fleet average age was 12,6. With the newly purchased vehicles, this number decreased to 6.2.

ESHOT produces its own electricity

ESHOT consumes 6 million 950 thousand kilowatt / hour of electrical energy per year in all its facilities. In 2020, 1 million 677 thousand kilowatt / hour (24.1 percent) of this was produced by the GES installed on the roofs of the Gediz Garage. Thus, a savings of 2020 thousand TL was achieved in 920. The amount of carbon dioxide emission prevented was 2 thousand 155 tons. Considering that the number of trees required to filter all this toxic emission “in just one day” is 54, the importance of SPP will be understood much better. Gediz 113nd Stage, whose projects are prepared, Buca Adatepe and Karşıyaka With the activation of Ataşehir SPPs, 4 million 260 thousand kilowatt / hour of electricity will be produced annually. Thus, 62 percent of the annual energy needed will be provided from the sun.

Solar powered stalls

65 bus stops across the city began to be illuminated by establishing GES. Efforts continue to increase this number to 255.

60 million TL ad revenue

The tender for the right to use the buses, stops and transfer centers for five years for advertising purposes was made. KazanThe company will pay 4 million TL to ESHOT in exchange for the right to use 998 bus stops and 900 buses for advertising purposes. The company will also establish a total of 60 audio and video digital information platforms and passenger information systems in bus stops, stops and transfer centers. This will also contribute to the 'smart city' vision of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality administration. The systems will be transferred to ESHOT General Directorate at the end of the contract.

Free service and special service support for healthcare professionals

Since March 2020, healthcare professionals, pharmacists and pharmacy employees have been provided with free public transportation services. Apart from this, private shuttle buses, which carry only healthcare professionals free of charge, were put into service on the routes where the hospitals are located. These vehicles operate in line with the starting and ending hours of the hospitals in line with the information received from the Izmir Provincial Health Directorate and the Izmir Medical Chamber. Cigli, Karşıyaka13 Private Health Personnel Services covering the districts of Bornova, Buca, Konak, Gaziemir, Balçova, Narlıdere and Güzelbahçe are still in service. Paramedics special shuttle service will only be given by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey.

Anti-virus safe bus

One of the buses that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has added to the fleet of the ESHOT General Directorate stands out with its health safety systems. "First time in the world" in the safe vehicle used in Izmir; It has a security system that measures passenger fever, a photocatalysis ventilation system and a disinfectant spraying system.

Operating room hygiene pilot application

The project, which will prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in public transportation, was implemented for trial purposes. Hepa filter and UV light air purification devices used in operating rooms were installed on three buses in Izmir, again for the first time in the world. If the pilot implementation is efficient, it is planned to be disseminated.

Free internet in transport

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has included ESHOT buses in its free and wireless internet service, which was launched in 2015 under the name of WizmirNET. The pilot implementation started with a total of 10 vehicles on 60 university-connected lines. Citizens using these buses can connect to WizmirNET from their mobile phones and use the internet service by following the desired steps. Once connected, mobile phones automatically connect to the Internet on other boarding passes in the same vehicle. From the application; 2020 thousand 177 passengers in 788; As of March 31 this year, 52 passengers benefited.

By bike to anywhere

In order to popularize the use of bicycles in urban transportation, buses that can carry two bicycles at the same time were installed. All of the newly purchased solo buses have bicycle carrying apparatus ex factory. Currently, 295 buses with bicycle carrying apparatus are in service. With the newly purchased 204 solo buses coming into service, the number of buses that can carry two bicycles will be 499.
Also, in order to encourage cyclical transportation, buses are allowed to be used on a folding bike, except during peak hours (06.00-09.00 and 16.00-20.00).

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