Başkent Market Buffet Batıkent Branch Has Been Opened

baskent market bufe batikent branch opened
baskent market bufe batikent branch opened

Başkent Market, which is one of the rural development projects, which was put into practice by the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş with the words "My dream is to make the people of Ankara rich, the producers of Ankara" is becoming more widespread in Ankara. The number of Başkent Market Buffets, as well as the Başkent Markets serving within the Halk Ekmek Fabrikası, is increasing day by day. After Koru Metro Station, the second Başkent Market Buffet was opened in Batıkent.

Citizens show great interest to “Başkent Markets”, which Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş has implemented within the scope of rural development projects.

The number of “Başkent Markets”, which bring natural products produced by Women's Cooperatives and local producer unions to the people of Başkent, is increasing day by day in order to meet the increasing demands. While 5 Başkent Market continues to serve together with the General Directorate of Etimesgut, Mamak Şafaktepe, GİMAT, Kızılay and ASKİ, Başkent Market Buffets are also getting more widespread. After Koru Metro Station, the second Başkent Market Buffet was opened in Batıkent.


Başkent Market model, which was implemented with the words of Mayor Yavaş, "My biggest dream is to enrich the people of Ankara, the producers of Ankara", received full marks from the people of Başkent in a short time.

At the corner of Batıkent Turkmenistan Park (at the intersection of Kardelen Mahallesi Başkent Boulevard and 2026 Street), Halk Ekmek General Manager Dr. Hüseyin Velioğlu stated that their aim is to activate the production power of Ankara and encourage employment.

“We opened the first of our Başkent Buffet in Koru Subway Station in November. The second one is opening in the corner of Turkmenistan Park in Batıkent. We have offered our buffet, where products from the outer districts of Ankara are sold, with high quality, healthy and local products, to the service of the people of Batıkent. With the rural development project of our esteemed President Mansur Yavaş, we started to have Ankara's healthy and quality products produced by our external cooperatives, especially women's cooperatives. Thanks to Başkent Markets, where noodles, pasta, pickles and approximately 700 items of products are available, 8 people have started working in 43 cooperatives. "

Stating that they can access natural products at affordable prices through Başkent Buffets, Aysel Çakır, one of the residents of the district, said, “I am very pleased with the products in Halk Ekmek and Başkent Markets. I was very happy when I heard that Başkent Büfe was opened in Batıkent. I came and made my shopping immediately, ”said Elif Ayyıldız, the head of Kardelen District,“ It is a very nice service to sell quality, healthy and hygienic products purchased from Women's Cooperatives. I would like to thank our President, Mansur Yavaş, for his services ”.

Halk Ekmek Fabrikası, which continues to serve with 7 Outlets, 410 Buffets, 1 Gluten-Free Buffet, 5 Başkent Market and 2 Başkent Market Buffets throughout the city, has also started the dealership practice to expand its service network and provide financial support to small tradesmen who have had economic difficulties during the pandemic period.

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