The Application Process Has Started in Bursa's First 250 Large Firms Research

application process has begun in the first large company research in Bursa
application process has begun in the first large company research in Bursa

The application process started in the 'Bursa Top 250 Large Firms Research', which sheds light on the city economy of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO). Electronic applications of companies will continue until Monday, May 31, 2021.

The biggest 2020 firms of 250 are determined in Bursa. The countdown has begun for the 'Bursa Top 250 Large Firms Research', which is one of the most important field researches of BTSO regarding the urban economy. The research, which is carried out according to the total net domestic and foreign sales sizes in line with the 2020 data of the companies, has been carried out regularly since 1997.


Companies, They can participate in the research with the questionnaire they fill in with the institution number and password given to them on the website with an extension. In order to check the data filled out by the companies in the questionnaire, you can use the Corporate Tax declaration and accrual receipt for the year 2020 or the closing balance sheet approved by financial advisor and detailed income tables they need to send to their address as PDF. The data collected within the scope of the research are used only for research and analysis purposes, and the information that the companies do not want to be disclosed is not shared with the public. Applications for companies that want to participate in the 'Bursa Top 250 Large Firms Research' will continue until the end of business hours on Monday, May 31.


BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, the first of the 250 Large Firms Survey said that one of Turkey's most important economic research. Chairman Burkay said that while the research reveals the turnover, export, employment, value added, interest, depreciation and profitability before tax, equity and net assets of companies in Bursa, it also provides important findings for the city and the country's economy. Chairman Burkay said, `` The 'Bursa Top 250 Large Firms Research' study is an important data revealing how the economic structure has changed in Bursa over time, as well as developing new strategies according to the table that emerges from investment to production, from employment to exports. also has the nature of a road map. We expect all our companies to participate in our research, which takes the x-rays of our city economy and real sector. " said.


Companies that stand out with their exemplary achievements within the scope of the research are awarded in the 'Export' and 'Sector Leaders' categories at the 'Economy Value Contributors Award Ceremony', which is among the most prestigious organizations of the business world.

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