Rain Water Tank for Ankara! Parks will be irrigated with rainwater

ankaraya rain water reservoir parks will be irrigated with rain water
ankaraya rain water reservoir parks will be irrigated with rain water

📩 06/04/2021 13:33

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, announced that they will switch to rainwater storage system in 40 prestige parks of Ankara. ANFA General Directorate established a rainwater collection tank in Göksu Park in the first place.

The ANFA General Directorate, which has implemented a new water-saving project, will start to meet the irrigation water it needs to be used in all green areas of Ankara by establishing a rainwater tank.

Providing information about the alternative irrigation system with his social media accounts, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “We will store rain water to be used in irrigation in 40 prestige parks of our city. We will collect the rain water that accumulates on the roofs and use it to irrigate the green areas. "We are working for our children to have a life that will not have water shortage."


Stating that the parks will be irrigated by storing rain water from now on, Yavaş also made the following evaluations in the "Teke ​​Tek" program presented by journalist Fatih Altaylı on Habertürk TV:

“There are about 40 prestige parks. We set up the system that will provide water harvest to all of them. We will collect the rain water. Again, there is a water at Ostim side. We will purify it and use it for park landscapes close to Göksu. "


ANFA General Directorate will accumulate rain water by storage method and use it effectively for irrigation of green areas.

ANFA General Directorate, which first established the water tank where the rain water flowing from the roofs of the administrative buildings and enterprises are collected, is planning to create rain water storage areas with a capacity of 20 tons and more in all parks of Başkent in the coming period. The Metropolitan Municipality, aiming to reduce the waste of water to a great extent, aims to use the water resources of the Başkent correctly and effectively, as the water level in the dams falls to the lower limits.

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