Ankara Continues to Contaminate Goodness with One Heart

Ankara continues to infect favor with a single country
Ankara continues to infect favor with a single country

The Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, continues to infect the good with the "1 Million One Heart" campaign, which he launched on April 2021, 6. Campaigns only seeing great interest from citizens living abroad with limited kalmazk Ankara and Turkey. The Metropolitan Municipality, with its thank you message to the philanthropists on its social media accounts, stated that the amount of aid collected in 20 days exceeded 10 million TL.

The interest in the "6 Million One Heart" campaign, which Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş put into practice last year as an example of social solidarity and renewed before the month of Ramadan, is growing like an avalanche.

With the announcement made through the social media accounts of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, it was reported that the amount of aid collected on the 1th day of the campaign, whose second wave started on April 2021, 20, exceeded 10 million TL.


The Metropolitan Municipality pointed out that the pandemic process continues and in its thank you message to the philanthropists, “In this difficult process, the number of our citizens in need or from their income is also increasing. We thank everyone who supported the caravan of solidarity in the capital of goodness. "There are too many food to buy and many more doors to knock on".

The campaign, in which benevolent citizens increased their support and goodness spread day by day, went beyond the borders of the country after Ankara.

The benefactors who support the campaign initiated by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş with the slogan “goodness is contagious”, select 5 different applications on “” address, meeting many needs of the needy citizens from unpaid water bills to iftar and sahur packages.


Yavaş stated that they provide iftar and sahur meals to 20 thousand citizens every day with the "Give Iftar" campaign, which was initiated in order to contribute to the Ramadan tables of citizens who received social aid as much as the citizens who were unemployed during the pandemic, and added that there are still many meals to be bought and many doors to be stolen on our "" website. He continued to repeat his call for solidarity.

With the 6 Million One Heart campaign, the amount of aid in 20 days (as of April 20, 2021);

  • With Water Ver, 28 thousand 897 water bills have been paid, and 1 million 106 thousand 828 TL,
  • While loading 1675 ANKARAKART with Give Ticket, 99 thousand 710 TL,
  • While reaching 7704 cash assistance with Hand Ver, 2 million 339 thousand 100 TL,
  • While giving 126 thousand 930 orders with Iftar, 3 million 173 thousand 350 TL,
  • While 17 thousand 486 aid packages were ordered with Afiyet Ver, a total of 3 million 377 thousand 650 TL was exceeded 10 million TL.

Within the scope of the campaign, which is instantly shared on the website, in line with the transparent municipality approach, the aid figures and amounts are shared on the website with credit cards; Many favors are offered, ranging from "Give Hand", from which cash aid from 100 TL to 500 TL is made, to loading ANKARAKART, from unpaid water bill debt to three-option food parcel support.

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