The New Meeting Point of Gamers, Excalibur Clan is Online

The new community of players excalibur clan is online
The new community of players excalibur clan is online

The Turkish content longing of the game world is coming to an end. Supported by the power of Turkey's technology brand Casper, the new meeting point of the players, where the latest developments in games, the latest hardware and much more will take place, Excalibur Clan is launched.

Finally, a community is formed in which the pulse of the game world will be completely kept by the players and where they will enjoy the game culture to the fullest. The Excalibur Clan, which is supported by the power of Casper, is now online, where game enthusiasts can access all the developments in e-sports and can access different content from the latest games to the latest hardware. This player community, in which the players who take the power of legends behind them will experience the game experience as a culture, is preparing to add new excitement to the game world and the players.

A Supported Community for Gamers

It would be wrong to look at the game world as a virtual world where only players spend time with certain equipment. In this world where a language, entertainment, sharing and upper culture of their own are becoming widespread, a platform where actors will be supported was already needed. "This is the power in the game!" Casper, who tries to support in every field with his message, invites players to new meeting points with the Excalibur Clan. In the Clan, where game lovers can create content related to the game and reach them easily, players will be able to easily participate in tournaments with many prizes supported by Casper Excalibur.

The "O" Teammate you've been looking for is in the Clan!

While the Excalibur Clan aims to bring players together as a mission, it also aims to prepare surprises for them and to inform the game lovers about all the developments in the game and e-sports. Helping players to communicate with each other and form new teams in a community, Clan brings players together on Discord servers. Dust II has swallowed dust, caught playing blue in the Jungle, and backed up while using a drone in the most challenging missions, now gaining comfort thanks to the Clan. Because that devoted teammate to protect their backs is waiting for them in the Excalibur Clan.

Players who want to become a member of the Excalibur Clan, which feeds the game world with Turkish content and the most up-to-date news, do not have to have a red ward or defuse kit to enter the Clan.

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