Reliable 2nd Hand Address, TruckStore Makes a Difference in 2021 with Its Solutions

The address of the reliable hand makes a difference in years with the solutions it offers at truckstore.
The address of the reliable hand makes a difference in years with the solutions it offers at truckstore.

TruckStore, the brand of Mercedes-Benz Türk, which continues its second-hand operations in the field of trucks, continues to contribute to the sector with the solutions it offers.

The brand of Mercedes-Benz Türk, TruckStore, which has been operating in the field of trucks since 2009, continues to contribute to the sector in both domestic and export markets. TruckStore, which sold a total of 2 trucks in the first quarter of 2021, continued to contribute to the Turkish economy by continuing to export. The company, which carries out its second-hand operations with the brands of TruckStore and BusStore, is expanding its activities with a new formation under the name of ToolStore. ToolStore continues to prioritize sustainability by selling the equipment scrapped due to obsolescence, inefficiency, and increased maintenance costs to other companies according to the standards of the main enterprises.

Didem Daphne Özensel, Mercedes-Benz Türk 2nd Hand Bus & Truck Sales Director, Gave the following information about TruckStore: “With TruckStore, we offer a rich vehicle portfolio in 2nd Hand, and act with the understanding of quality service. We contribute to the economy of our country not only in the domestic market of Turkey but also with our sales in export markets. In addition to our Mercedes-Benz Türk quality buying and selling operations, we also constantly monitor the quality of the service we offer to our customers and continue to make innovations and investments to further our flag of success. We provide clearing, sub-clearing, warranty, financing, service packages and motor own damage services for second-hand commercial vehicles of all brands and types. We aim to continue the trust we offer with our second-hand services with the ToolStore formation that we have incorporated with our innovative perspective. By bringing the end-of-life equipment to the end customer within the body of Mercedes-Benz; we also support the sustainability in the industry. "

TruckStore Group Manager Kıvanç Aydilek; “The growth in the truck market in 2020 significantly increased the demand for second hand. In 2, we sold 2020 trucks and tow trucks and strengthened our strength in the market. Despite the pandemic, we continued our export operations, which we started as of 485, without slowing down. In the last 2018 year, we continued to contribute to the national economy by exporting 1 trucks to Germany, Holland, Portugal, Kosovo and Bulgaria. We predict that the demand in the market will continue in the same way in 43. We foresee the vehicle renewal needs of fleets whose vehicle park is aging and we carry out our work in this direction. It is a very pleasing development that our Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles see demand and value in the second hand market as well as in the new vehicle side. As TruckStore, we will continue to meet the needs of our customers in 2021.

Safe Vehicle Sales System

TruckStore eliminates the problems in the payment process, which are frequently encountered in second hand sales, with its “Safe Vehicle Sales System”. With the "Safe Vehicle Sales System", which works in integration with the infrastructure of the Notaries Union of Turkey, the seller acts safely knowing that when the vehicle is registered to the buyer by the notary, the price will be transferred to the account, and the buyer will not be transferred to the seller before the vehicle is registered. In addition, the situation of carrying cash is eliminated during the sales process. With this system, efforts to become the reliable address of the 2nd hand are further strengthened.

One-stop solution

Parallel to the increase in truck mobility, which is the most important building block of the supply chain that ensures the continuity of daily life with the effect of the pandemic, significant increases are also experienced in the second hand market. The TruckStore team makes a difference by offering more than one solution to its customers in this busy period. Thanks to the clearing, credit, insurance and second-hand sales opportunities offered within TruckStore, the needs of customers are solved at one point.

Contribution to sustainability with ToolStore

The "ToolStore" formation, which enables the Hoşdere Bus Factory and Aksaray Truck Factory and the Head Office campus to sell equipment and materials that have completed their operating life, also contributes significantly to sustainability.

The main purpose of the establishment of ToolStore is to ensure that the equipment scrapped due to reasons such as obsolescence, inefficiency and increase in maintenance costs can be evaluated by other companies according to the standards of the main enterprises. The equipment, which was previously sold in scrap status and in scrap valuation, is sold to end users with the assurance of the brand's new formation, ToolStore. This new formation was initiated for sustainability and aims to take place in the market under the name of ToolStore.

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