The Acer R270 Offers Unmatched Color Accuracy at an Affordable Price with its Borderless Display

acer r offers unique color accuracy at an affordable price with its frame-free display.
acer r offers unique color accuracy at an affordable price with its frame-free display.

Offering more viewing area for all jobs with its 'zero frame' frameless design, R270 enables professionals to find the most accurate color tones thanks to its 6-axis color adjustment.

Frameless design

Developed for daily computing needs, the Acer R270 IPS LED monitor offers more space on a 27-inch screen and vivid images in FHD resolution with its Zero Frame frameless design. The wide viewing angle capability ensures that colors are displayed accurately up to 178 degrees, so your monitor displays the colors perfectly no matter what angle you choose to view. Thus, users can benefit from a larger screen area that they can use for all their needs from business to entertainment.

Screen tears and blur are out of date

When used with AMD Radeon FreeSync ™ supported graphics cards, the Acer R270 eliminates screen tears and minimizes lag. With Radeon FreeSync, the monitor's frame rate matches that of the graphics card, eliminating screen tearing while gaming experience gains unmatched mobility.

The Acer R1's Visual Response Boost (VRB) technology, which reacts to moving images in as little as 270ms, quickly turns off the backlight to reduce blurring in scenes with fast movements and adds blank black scenes flashing between frames.

High accuracy with 6-axis color adjustment

The Acer R270 uses a unique 6-axis color adjustment format to deliver the true colors and hues professionals need. With this feature, users can adjust the color tone and saturation in 6 axes, as well as these axes range from R, G, B to C, M and Y, allowing users to customize the monitor's colors according to their professional needs.

Equipped with eye-friendly technologies

The Acer R5, which can be used by tilting between -20 and 270 degrees to maximize comfort, also helps to reduce eye strain with its AcerVisionCare ™ technology. Moreover, it enables a more comfortable viewing experience. Monitor; It includes various protective features that take into account the needs of users who spend long periods of time in front of the screen, such as programmers, writers, graphic designers and actors.

BlueLightShieldä technology allows users to adjust percentages of blue light exposure through on-screen settings to ensure a comfortable viewing experience for longer. With Flickerlessä technology, it eliminates screen refresh flicker to reduce eye strain caused by 60-times-per-second frames. ComfyViewä technology reduces light reflection for more comfortable viewing.

Price and Availability

The 1-inch Acer R75SI IPS LED monitor, offering 27 ms response time and 270Hz refresh rate, is on sale with a price tag of 1.599 TL.

Specifications, prices and availability may vary by region. For more information on availability, product features and prices in specific markets, please contact the nearest Acer office at

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