Differences to Create New Hyundai Elantra segment in Turkey

segments will make a difference in the renewed Hyundai Elantra turkiyede
segments will make a difference in the renewed Hyundai Elantra turkiyede

Hyundai Assan started its model attack in 2021 with the new ELANTRA model. New ELANTRA, the brand's first location in Turkey in five models from plans to launch in 2021. The car, which is aimed to bring a different perspective to the sedan segment, is distinguished from its competitors with its design language consisting of extraordinarily hard and sharp lines.

More than 30 awards in 250 years

Delivering the opening speech at the online press conference of the new ELANTRA, Hyundai Assan President Sangsu Kim said: “ELANTRA, Hyundai's most preferred model worldwide, has received more than 30 awards and accolades in 250 years. The last generation is in January. kazanWith the prestigious “North American Car of the Year” award, it started to show that it was ambitious. ELANTRA is a very popular model that raises the bar in its segment with each generation. I hope the New ELANTRA is loved by the Turkish people and continues its legacy in these lands, like millions of happy ELANTRA drivers around the world”.

Beginning of the model attack

Expressing his opinions about the new model offered for sale, Hyundai Assan General Manager Murat Berkel said, “Sedan Spirit Has Found Its Charm”, with the new ELANTRA, we are starting our model attack as of today. Our aim is to make a difference in the sedan class with the new ELANTRA. Because it is time to offer our customers who are bored with traditional lines and similar models, a bold and modern car that exhibits a different stance. We are increasing our assertion not only with ELANTRA, but also with our extraordinary and aesthetic models that we will offer for sale one after the other ”.

Hyundai's best-selling model to date

Introduced for the first time in 1990 and subsequently put on sale, Hyundai ELANTRA has sold more than 30 million units in 15 years. With this important sales volume, ELANTRA, the best-selling and also the most popular model of the brand, has become a very remarkable car with its brand new design features and distinctive appearance. Hyundai ELANTRA is now touted as the best of all time with its seventh generation. Primarily America, Korea, China, and Turkey's goal in the vehicle are prepared taking into consideration other Asian markets, more sporty and at the same time to reach individual customers who want vehicles to sedans with a different design.

An aggressive and sporty design

New ELANTRA with model code CN7 reflects Hyundai's new design identity, which is based on unusual shapes and textures, called Parametric Dynamic. Adopting a more aggressive, sportier and at the same time different design philosophy at a time when all vehicles are almost alike in the automotive world, Hyundai wants to attract the attention of automobile lovers who are bored with traditional designs. In this context, there is an innovative design philosophy called "Parametric Dynamic" in the car, which has unusually rigid lines. This philosophy is expressed as a process based on algorithmic thinking, which together define and encode the relationship between the purpose and solution of the design.

This special design, which is also based on mathematical concepts, is an advanced digital design technology. To simply define the Parametric Dynamic design; It must be said that it means that three lines meet at a single point. Thus, while there are three main lines on the vehicle, the hard transitions, especially on the doors and rear fenders, emphasize the full dynamism of the vehicle.

This design language meets all the expectations of those who want difference in New ELANTRA in the most courageous way. In other words, wherever it passes, it attracts all eyes. The car, which has an innovative appearance, is different from the traditional designs in its segment. In this way, it creates a strong bond with its user. The new type of wide-stage grille and integrated headlights make the car appear wider than it is. In addition, the friction coefficient has been significantly reduced thanks to the wind channels in the bumper.

In this way, while increasing aerodynamics, fuel economy is also achieved at the same time. The hard transitions extending from front to back begin to merge at the front doors again. Longitudinally positioned stop lights at the rear begin to extend towards the body on the right and left sides. The rear design, which has a Z-shaped form when viewed from the side, helps to offer more loading space in the luggage compartment. This new design, which offers the atmosphere of a four-door coupe, supports its stylish appearance with a glossy black bumper diffuser. In addition, LED taillights forming the H form also extend along the tailgate, offering a magnificent visuality, especially when driving at night.

Hyundai engineers and designers opted for a longer, lower and wider form than the sixth generation to transform the ELANTRA into a four-door coupe look. The total length of the new ELANTRA has been increased by 30 mm and the wheelbase by 22 mm, while the overall width has been increased by 25 mm. The height has been lowered by 10 mm, while the front hood has been shifted almost 50 mm backward. These minor changes significantly changed the shape of the vehicle, and were also effective in the cabin.

Comfortable and stylish interior

While the driver-oriented cockpit brings the driving feel and excitement to the top, the elegance that comes with simplicity stands out as another important element. A new type of steering wheel and gauges consisting of a digital display also support this structure. The new aesthetic lines appear in the interior of the vehicle at a level that breaks all taboos and begin to exhibit a different ambience than the usual Hyundai models. In other words, elegance in the cockpit, as well as outside, makes ELANTRA more daring than its competitors.

The "impressive cocoon" interior surrounds the driver like an airplane cockpit. The low and wide lines extend from the door to the center console. This low and wide style also gives the car a spacious interior. The large information display and display, consisting of two 10,25-inch screens linked together in harmony, enhance the futuristic feel of the car. The angled touchscreen is positioned in an extremely convenient location for the driver to see and control. While in the driver's seat of ELANTRA, all the emotions that need to be felt to drive the car for hours are combined with new aesthetic lines.

Another aim of Hyundai designers; making your driver feel special while inside the car. Therefore, there is a handle between the driver's side and the right passenger seat that extends parallel to the cockpit, and the entire cockpit is positioned completely towards the driver.

This handle, which has a separator feature, also gives the vehicle a premium impression. kazanyelling. In addition, stylish seats with completely new design bring the level of sportiness to the top. Seats with body-hugging high head restraints refer to racing or super sports cars. These seats, which are offered in three different color options, black, beige and light gray, appear in leather in the top equipment level Elite Plus. The gear knob, electronic parking brake and other buttons are also prepared differently from other Hyundai models.

Hyundai ELANTRA makes a difference in the C sedan segment with its design and aesthetic interior, while meeting the large luggage needs of families easily. Trunk volume increases to 16 liters, offering 474 liters more space than the previous generation. Leg room in the rear row is also 58 mm more than the previous model. In other words, it offers a total value of 964 mm for a comfortable journey.

New K3 platform with ELANTRA

Hyundai's third generation vehicle platform significantly improves the overall design, safety, efficiency, power and driving performance of the New ELANTRA. The new ELANTRA is lighter and has a better fuel economy thanks to the K3 platform. This platform also allows engineers to lower the ELANTRA's center of gravity for more agile handling. Since it has a multi-layered structure in the event of a possible collision, it also increases safety. The K3 platform can be easily extended and expanded. Thus, it offers the opportunity to be used in models in other segments. The suspension system of ELANTRA, which displays an aesthetically different stance, is also geared towards comfort. Thanks to the improved suspension mounting structure, both dynamism and high-level driving comfort are achieved.

Superior driving pleasure

Hyundai ELANTRA's driving performance goal is to be an exciting and fun car to drive. By combining the new platform and modern powertrain, the engineers significantly improved the responses, allowing the car to respond quickly according to the driver's driving style.

The new ELANTRA offers extremely quiet and robust driving characteristics on the highway and in the city. In addition, agile driving dynamics can be changed with three different driving modes, offering different experiences to the user.

Fuel economy and rich equipment options

Hyundai Elantra in the first place by a single engine options are offered for sale in Turkey. The vehicle has a 1.6-liter naturally fed engine and CVT gearbox. In addition to the CVT, a 6-speed manual transmission is only available in the Style trim level. Promising fuel economy and optimum efficiency, this engine is 123 horsepower. The double overhead camshaft engine features a multi-point injection fuel injection system (MPI).

In Turkey, "Style", "Style Comfort", "Smart", "Elite" and "Elite Plus" including the cars sold in five different trim levels, technological characteristics as ambitious as minimal design. Dual LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, longitudinal H-shaped LED rear lights, retractable roof, 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, electronic parking brake, smart cruise control, wireless charging system, rain sensor, front collision warning system, lane keeping and tracking The warning system and 10.25 inch information display constitute the most important equipment of the New ELANTRA.

In addition, the wireless Android Auto and Apple Car Play features offered in ELANTRA also offer combined connectivity with a 10.25 inch information display. The 8-speaker Bose sound system, offered at the Elite Plus hardware level, is also the favorite feature of music lovers.


single-engine cars sold in Turkey's market and with five different trim levels in launching special starting price of £ 231.500 410.000. The Elite Plus, which is the top equipment level of the car with a sporty and dynamic appearance, is XNUMX TL.

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