Is HPV Virus That Can Cause Cancer Is Completely Eliminated From The Body?

Is the hpv virus that can cause cancer completely removed from the body?
Is the hpv virus that can cause cancer completely removed from the body?

Gynecology and Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. ERALP BAŞER, “The longer the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection persists in the cervix, the higher the risk of cancer precursor lesions.

One of the most common questions asked by patients is whether this infection will persist in the body. In order to answer this question, it is necessary to know how the HPV virus infects. "

HPV virus is most commonly transmitted sexually to the cervix. However, it is known that it can be transmitted by hand contact or contact with wet surfaces, except sexually. It is not enough for virus particles to reach the cervix through sexual intercourse or other contact ways.

If sufficient number of viruses reach the bottom of the damaged areas in the multilayered epithelial layer covering the cervix, they can enter the cells in this layer. Here, viruses waiting in the cell space, called the cytoplasm of the cell, can wait in this way for a long time. After infected cells integrate their genetic material into the cell nucleus, epithelial cells can begin to reproduce the genetics of the virus uncontrollably.

Most cells are recognized and destroyed by the body's immune system cells at this stage. This is called cellular immune system activity. If the immune system cannot stop the cells at this stage, over time, infected cells may move towards the surface of the cervix, causing cells filled with virus genetics to pass into cervical secretions. In this way, women can also infect men with the HPV virus.

Gynecology and Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. ERALP BAŞER said, “A significant portion of people who encounter this virus remove this virus from the body in a short time thanks to their cellular immune system. This period is usually around 2 years at most. If the HPV virus persists for more than 2 years, the risk of developing a cancer precursor in the cervix may increase in direct proportion to this period. One of the most important issues to be known about HPV infection is that this infection is only limited to the epithelial layer. In other words, the HPV virus does not enter the blood. It travels along nerve fibers like the herpes virus and does not persist in the spinal cord. Strengthening the cellular immune system should be one of the most important measures to prevent HPV from being persistent for a long time. For this, in general, attention to healthy living rules are the most important rules. Following a healthy eating plan. Avoiding smoking and using vitamin D and zinc supplements are the approaches we often recommend. With this approach, we observe that at least 80% of our patients have completely cleared the HPV virus from the body within 2 years. To summarize, HPV virus is a virus that does not settle in the body and can be completely removed from the body after necessary precautions are taken. In addition to taking the necessary precautions to protect against this virus and not disrupting the controls, it is up to you to consult a specialist doctor in the slightest suspicion. " said.

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