Hatay Forest Fires Have Been Documentary

Hatay forest fires became a documentary
Hatay forest fires became a documentary

Last year, forest fires in many places in Hatay were the subject of the documentary. General Directorate of Forestry (GDF) in the documentary prepared by fire Hatay, he told Turkey's 58 biggest fight of close to 1000 GDF team from the province.

A superhuman effort 5th day of forest fires being brought under control at the end, it all started a social movement in Turkey. Thousands of saplings were donated for the areas burning with the intense interest of the public, private sector and citizens after the Hatay fire, where the possibility of sabotage was also on the agenda and arrests were made as a result of the investigation.

employees Forestry General Directorate for the protection and development of assets forests of Turkey (GDF), was prepared last year in September and October in many spots at the same time experienced a forest fire with a special documentary for Hatay survived a great danger. The documentary, which was broadcast through the social media accounts of the institution, conveyed the struggle of the forestry organization teams at the cost of their lives and the fearful moments of the forest villagers.

"No casualties were allowed"

In addition to the GDF team in Hatay, Turkey's 58 provinces from during the forest fires that struggled staff close to 1000 no loss of life of the experienced and villages highlighted in the documentary whether or not allowed to damage to thousands of homes live with and great damaged to greening restoration of forests It was noted that the work started immediately. In the documentary, it was also stated that the burning forest areas are secured by the Constitution and that the damaged areas must be regenerated.

More than 1 million saplings met with the soil

According to OGM data, reforestation works have been completed in a total of 4 hectares of land, including artificial regeneration in 783 hectares of the damaged area of ​​640 hectares in Hatay, natural regeneration in 580 hectares and industrial afforestation work in 660 hectares. Until today, 2 million 880 thousand saplings and 1 kg of red pine seeds have been brought together with the soil. All afforestation works are aimed to be completed by the end of 100.

"The forest is homeland and we will always defend the forest, the homeland"

In the documentary, while fighting the Ankara Nallıhan fire, they rushed to the Sinop and Çorum fires, and before they could fully control them, Bekir Karacabey, General Manager of Forestry, said, “We act in the same spirit, whatever the spirits of our martyrs who protected Çanakkale against enemy invasion. , we struggle with the same thought. The forest is homeland and we will always defend the forest, homeland ”.

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