Frequently Asked Questions During Job Interviews

Frequently Asked Questions During Job Interviews
Frequently Asked Questions During Job Interviews

You have received the necessary training for the profession you have dreamed of for years, and finally it is time to start working life. Or you are now in a better position in your profession that you have been working on for a long time and you want to work in companies that you believe can create better opportunities for you.

Job interviews, which are a step you have to go through in order to get one step closer to your dreams and to put your signature under great jobs, excite and scare many people quite a bit.

Could You Tell About Yourself?

This is a must-have question in almost any conversation, and it sort of determines the course of the conversation. In fact, the candidates are also aware that this question is very likely to be asked to them, and they can get the interview started well by working on the answer to this question beforehand.

Before the interview, we recommend that you ask yourself this basic question and study the answer and focus on the best version you feel like. Answering this question well and as you wish will give you many advantages. First of all, if you spend the excitement in the first minutes of the interview by answering a question you have previously studied, it will increase your self-confidence. At the same time, your excitement will decrease and your chances of making a good impression on the other side will increase.

Instead of focusing on unnecessary details while answering this question. You can clearly talk about your education and previous positions. While explaining, speaking without pausing and stuttering will take you one step forward.

What Do You Know About Us?

The employer or the interviewer cares about the knowledge of potential colleagues with whom he or she will work with and about the company he / she works for. What we are talking about here is not to know every detail about the company. This may not be possible anyway. However, especially the recent and interesting works of the department you will work with, the company's best customers, recent projects, etc. Having an opinion on matters contributes to creating a positive impression.
So; You will have an image that knows where you want to work, has an idea about the company you want to work with and adopts the company.

Why Do You Want To Work With Us And In This Position?

Here, what is really meant to be measured is your motivation. In answering this question, you can refer to issues that you did not mention about yourself and that you think are a little more related to your personal thoughts in order to be clear in the previous questions. For example; There may be a relationship with this company or a study that affects you very much about the stance of the company. You can talk about the issues that really affect you and the importance of this work for you, rather than clichés and fake speeches.

Why Did or Will You Quit Your Old Job?

This question is one of the most suggestive questions about you. In answer, you should definitely not denigrate your old or current workplace. If it is felt during the job interview that you are in such an attitude, it causes a negative impression of you.

Here you can mention that you think you have reached the best point in your old workplace, and you want to be in a more useful and self-enhancing position. Or you can briefly mention some of the disadvantageous conditions of your old workplace. For example, the location of your workplace is too far from your home and you do not want to waste time on the road, etc. You can talk about the disadvantages.

What Responsibilities Have You Taken In The Last Position You Worked?

In this question, it can be clearly measured how much your employer trusts you and in which subjects you take initiative. During the job interview, when you encounter such a question about your previous position, explain your responsibilities as clearly and with important details as possible. It is very important to be honest here. Mentioning things you haven't done or praising yourself too much can be a disadvantage for you.

What Was Your Most Important Success In Your Work Life?

In your previous business life, you may have many examples of success that will move you forward, but when asked this question, it would be much better to mention a success that is close to the position you want to work for. For example; If you are conducting a business meeting related to the event and organization sector and the company you are meeting with is a company that organizes organizations in the health sector, you can talk about conferences or summits you previously held in this field.

What Motivates You Most?

Here, instead of listing your expectations from the company, you can tell your life about the things that motivate you and make you feel good. For example, reading in a particular area, exercising, or taking small weekend breaks can be things that motivate you.

When answering this question, focus on topics or activities that improve yourself and your abilities and that you think add value and benefit to you.

Also, we strongly recommend that you do not mention the position or money you work for among the things that motivate you.

What is Your Salary Expectation?

This question is one of the most carefully answered questions of the job interview. On the one hand, you need to be aware of the value of your job, and on the other hand, you should not expect salary far above the market.

When asked about your salary expectation, you can say a range at or slightly below market value if you need this job badly. However, if you are confident in your skills and equipment and have a clear salary range for this job, you can give an answer accordingly.

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