Coast Control Station Works of ULAQ Armed Unmanned Marine Vehicle Completed

Coastal control station works of the unmanned vessel with a gun have been completed.
Coastal control station works of the unmanned vessel with a gun have been completed.

The production of the Coast Control Station (SAKI), developed for land control of the ULAQ series Unmanned Marine Vehicles prototype platform, SİDA, which was the first armed unmanned sea vehicle (SİDA) of our country and started to experience cruises in January, has been completed.

Designed as a minivan, SAKI includes a captain and a gunner console. While the management of the ULAQ is provided through the captain's console, the control and tracking of the missile systems, which take place as a payload on the ULAQ, can be provided via the gunner console. Designed and equipped to provide 7/24 service with life and system support equipment such as power distribution units, lighting and air conditioning, SAKİ; It has been developed with an architecture that can be installed quickly, is easy to use with its user-friendly interfaces, supports the entire ULAQ product family with its modular structure and its provisions.

Providing two-way data transfer with ULAQ via Line of Sight (LOS) and Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS-SATCOM) data links, SAKI; It has instant communication and network supported operation infrastructure with platform / s and command control center / s through KEMENT and TAFICS interfaces. The AKSON Data Link, developed by Meteksan Defense for unmanned and manned reconnaissance and surveillance air platforms, with a data transfer range of more than 200 km, will enable joint operations with UAVs.

The task planning and tracking function within SAKI enables the preparation of the mission plan before and / or during the execution of the mission by analyzing the information received from the peripheral units such as AIS, meteorology, depending on the characteristics of the ULAQ, the task type and the mission. Vehicle control and payload control functions, on the other hand, offer significant convenience to operator use with remote control, semi-autonomous and fully autonomous modes.

In the current situation, while the design and production of SAKI equipment has been completed, in the light of the data obtained from ULAQ, which is undergoing navigation tests, the software that provides autonomous operation capability including navigational and avoidance maneuvers and equipped with artificial intelligence has reached the completion stage.

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