Attention to Gingival Recession!

Be careful about gum pulling
Be careful about gum pulling

Aesthetic Dentist Dr. Efe Kaya gave information on the subject. Teeth are located in the jawbone. Teeth are connected to the jawbone by fibers around the teeth. These fibers also act as a shock absorber, allowing small movements of the teeth during chewing movements.

If the food residues remaining on the teeth after meals are not cleaned properly, a reaction against these plaques will begin in the body. The food source of bacteria in the mouth is the plaques on the teeth. Bacteria use the glucose in these plaques to release acid, and as a result of this acid, the bone around the teeth begins to melt.

Teeth and gums are fed through capillaries that originate from the jawbone. Gums that cannot be fed after osteoporosis are pulled around the tooth. The main reason for gum recession is the melting of the jaw bone surrounding the tooth due to bacteria.

Jawbones are the sources of strength that keep our teeth in the mouth. Each bone that is lost will directly affect the duration of the tooth in the mouth as well as cause the tooth to shake in the mouth.

Tooth Stone Cleaning Is Not Enough

Detertraj process (Tartar Cleaning) is the cleaning of only the superficial area of ​​the tooth. In the presence of receding gums, bacteria form a pocket around the tooth. Bone resorption and gingival recession will not stop unless the formations in this pocket are thoroughly cleaned. In such a case, the gingival pocket is curetted and cleaning is provided. After the curettage procedure, the patient is called for a control every six months and recovery is followed. If necessary, maintenance therapy is applied.

Regular Physician Control is Very Important

Early diagnosis of the problems that may occur affects the duration of the teeth in the mouth very seriously. Since patients are generally unaware of their problems, they can visit their physicians every six months and avoid dire pictures. Since the initial level of dental caries will generally be painless, it will eliminate the need for canal treatment of teeth from early diagnosis. Regular cleaning of the superficial plaques in the mouth will prevent gum problems from occurring. In short, dentists should be visited frequently to prevent early tooth loss.

Diabetes Triggers Gum Diseases

Uncontrolled diabetes can cause gum recessions and gingivitis as it disrupts the body's blood supply and defense system. In this case, the patient's diabetes is controlled and dental treatments are completed.

Correct Brushing Habit Prevents Gum Problems

Tooth brushing should be done after breakfast in the morning, before going to bed in the evening. Dental floss should be used every day. Mouth rinses should be used every other day.

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