İzmir Agriculture Development Center is Opening Soon

İzmir agriculture development center is opening soon
İzmir agriculture development center is opening soon

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality established İzmir Agriculture Development Center in Sasalı in order to inform the society about possible drought due to climate change and to explain the correct agricultural methods. President Soyer announced that they will open the center in May, which will have an R&D and export unit for the marketing of the products of the producers, which is one of the important goals of the Izmir Agriculture model.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality established the "Izmir Agriculture Development Center" in order to inform the society about the drought that may occur in the future due to climate change and to explain the correct methods in agriculture in practice. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Mr. Grant Gokce, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Eser attack, Ertugrul Brigade and related departments to examine together with the heads of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, she said they carry the excitement of being Turkey will implement a project in May will boast of.

Acceleration to İzmir Agriculture studies

Stating that they set out by saying "Another Agriculture is Possible" and that they aim to develop rural development on the basis of cooperatives with the Izmir Agriculture model, to use water resources efficiently with proper agricultural practices and to turn the city into a world brand in agriculture, President Soyer said that the center will guide the production planning they are trying to organize on the basin basis.

Soyer: "We will explain the correct farming methods"

Stating that they will have the opportunity to present different production techniques, models and production patterns through the center, Soyer said, “Our citizens will ask and learn from here what they should do for production in their field or which product is more efficient for their field. For our producers, we will carry out a study by analyzing and analyzing the soil on the one hand, and on the other hand, based on many parameters related to the humidity and appearance of that region. We will ensure that it produces the most accurate product in the right way ”.

Export support will also be provided

Drawing attention to the fact that the services at the center will not be limited to this, Soyer said: “Our graphic designers working here will support our producers in the packaging process for marketing their products. Our export experts will guide our producers who want to export the product. Those who come to the center will have the opportunity to see different production techniques and fertilizer samples in each of the three separate greenhouses we have established, close to one thousand square meters. This place will also be an educational home where my children and young people will learn about agriculture. This area, where one side is the Natural Life Park and the other side is the Gediz Delta, has become a place where visitors can spend time with pleasure. samples were studied by the European Union to Turkey for this project. European Union funding for the project was provided 25 per cent and for the implementation of this project will boast emerged in Turkey. "

There is a lab and a library

Located in the Sasalı Natural Life Park on an area of ​​15 thousand 800 square meters, the center is one of the important links of the "Nature Based Solutions" project, which was prepared by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality under the "HORIZON 2020" program and received a 2 million 300 thousand euro grant from the European Union. was implemented. In the "Izmir Agriculture Development Center" located in the eastern part of Izmir Wild Life Park, there is an education hall, laboratory and library to inform the public and children. On the outside of the building, application greenhouses were established, showing the effects of climate change on agriculture. While visiting the region, visitors will be told about the effects of climate change. 10 insect houses (pollinator houses) have also been created in the area for bees and insects to allow them to rest during long flights. Citizens will be visually informed about the measures to be taken against drought that may occur until 2080 in three greenhouses spread over an area of ​​thousand square meters.

The EU's highest budget grant program

Within the scope of HORIZON 2020, the highest budget grant program of the European Union, the "Nature Based Solutions" project of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was selected among 39 international projects and received a grant of 2,3 million Euros. Thus, İzmir became a pioneering and implementing city along with Liverpool in England and Valladolid in Spain. Project, Karşıyaka It includes the area from the city center to Çamaltı Saltpan. The model that will be put forward in order to reduce carbon emissions in this region, increase biodiversity, reduce the air temperature brought about by dense urbanization, increase the amount of green areas, reduce the risk of floods and increase the quality of life of the people will be a guide for İzmir. Within the scope of the project, an "uninterrupted ecological corridor" was created on the coastal part of the Peynircioğlu Stream in Mavişehir and on the Halk Park and the following route. Pocket parks were built on Girne Street. Sasalı Wildlife Park and Vilayetler House car parks have been turned into a green roof. This project, which was implemented in Sasalı, won first place in the "Sustainable Agriculture" category in the "Best Sustainable Practices Competition" in 2019. A budget of 11 million 190 thousand TL has been allocated for the establishment of the center.



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