İnci Akü Will Put Its Weight In The Heavy Vehicle Market With Its New Products

We put our weight on the heavy vehicle battery market
We put our weight on the heavy vehicle battery market

İnci Akü is coming to put its weight on the market with its new products designed for heavy vehicles. With its new products designed with EVR technology, EFB Pantera, Maxim A Gorilla and renewed Formul A Taurus, the company promises long life, high vibration resistance and more starting power to heavy vehicle users.

Underlining that İnci Akü completed the year as the market leader in the passenger battery segment at the digital launch meeting where new products were introduced to the main dealer representatives, Cihan Elbirlik, Chief Executive Officer of İnci GS Yuasa, shared that the company aims to double its current market share in the heavy vehicle segment in the coming period.

İnci Akü, the world's energy expert, is now preparing to steer the heavy vehicle segment after the technological innovations it has brought to the market in the passenger and light commercial vehicle segment. İnci Akü, the pioneer brand of İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of İnci Holding and GS Yuasa, designed its A-class new products EFB Pantera, Maxim A Gorilla and renewed Formul A Taurus, designed with Class A technology for heavy vehicles, at the digital launch meeting held on April 8. and introduced the main dealer representatives.

In his speech at the launch meeting, İnci GS Yuasa Executive Board Director Cihan Elbirlik, who conveyed to the participants about the developments in the sector and İnci Akü's work in the field of technology, said, “Our innovative perspective on this path we set out with the vision of becoming the most trusted energy storage company, our never-ending energy for the better and our synergy with our stakeholders always We strive to move forward. As a result of the work we carried out at our R&D center, in 2019, we introduced Maxim A Gorilla, İnci Akü's new conventional upper segment product series, to the market and to the passenger car consumer. Last year, we raised the bar with our new product EFB Max Tigris, which shaped the start-stop segment, and completed the year as the market leader in passenger batteries. With our A-class technology, A-quality products, A Team dealers and colleagues, we are now putting our emphasis on the heavy vehicle segment ”.

Emphasizing that they direct their product development activities by determining the needs of heavy vehicles, the insights and expectations of their users as a compass, Gökçe Yılancıoğlu Tellici, Corporate Communication and Marketing Manager of İnci GS Yuasa, said, “The battery market, which consists of the passenger car, light commercial and heavy vehicle segments, was around. We have a very strong market share, which has increased in the last 2020 years and reached 4 percent in the passenger & light commercial segment, which constitutes approximately two thirds of the market. We aim to double our current market share by offering the most accurate solutions to the expectations of both automotive manufacturers and vehicle users in the heavy vehicle segment, which includes our new generation products with EVR technology, which we are promoting today. We will be the most preferred battery brand in every vehicle class by carrying our achievements in the field of passenger batteries to the field of heavy vehicles. " said.

More than 300 digital launch of the famous basketball coach and participant in the meeting held with Turkey's Basketball Coaches Association (TÜBAD) Chairman Çetin Yılmaz participated as a speaker. Yılmaz shared his experiences in the subjects of being open to innovations, leadership skills and being a team to the participants.

Powerful and agile EFB Pantera stands out with its durability

The powerful and agile EFB Pantera Heavy Duty series has been specially developed for start-stop long-distance vehicles with high electrical equipment. Thanks to EVR technology, the product, which is suitable for the use of attractive rear chassis, offers its user superior performance and power from the beginning to the end with up to 2 and a half times longer life * and up to 60 times longer vibration resistance *. EFB Pantera also aims to be indispensable for its user with up to 10 percent more cranking power.

Maximum power meets EVR technology in Maxim A Gorilla

Maxim A Gorilla, where maximum power meets EVR technology, was developed for vehicles that provide distribution, transportation and transportation in heavy city traffic. Offering up to 2 and a half times longer life * and up to 30 times longer vibration resistance *, Maxim A Gorilla meets all the requirements of vehicle manufacturers with its superior product technology. The product also provides up to 10 percent more energy.

The formula of durability is rewritten with Formula A Taurus

Renewed with EVR technology and rewriting the formula of durability, Formula A Taurus provides high endurance from the beginning to the end by challenging the harshest conditions with up to 10 times longer vibration resistance * and up to 2 times longer life *. The product also gives the vehicle its real performance with up to 10 percent more cranking power.

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