Minister Institution: We Will Lay The Foundations Of Our Channel Istanbul Project In Summer

We will lay the foundations of our minister institution channel istanbul project in the summer months.
We will lay the foundations of our minister institution channel istanbul project in the summer months.

The Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, stated that the HİTAM Medium-Sized Production and Trade Base, which he attended the introductory meeting, is located in a location very close to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the 3rd Airport, the Northern Marmara Highway and the Channel Istanbul, where they will lay foundations in the summer months.

Ministers Institutions, Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Hitam Medium Production and Trade Base in his speech at the Presentation Meeting, all together today, stating that they achieved a first in Turkey, which started major development campaign of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's leadership new expressed that they added another ring and model.

Wishing the project to be beneficial for the country, the Institution recalled that President Erdogan declared 2021 as the year of the Ahi-order and said that this great step taken by MUSIAD for the country is also very valuable to be taken in the Ahi year.

Since the day it was MUSIAD established, the history of civilization, the whole experience and Akhism today also lived in Turkey's largest professional and civil society organizations from someone stating that the Authority, MUSIAD human that goal with age far beyond appealing to this organization the revival of the country's socio-economic He expressed that he brought a new breath to his life.

Reminding that this year is the 30th anniversary of MÜSİAD, the institution emphasized that it continues to generate added value and employment with a giant project in the 30th year of its establishment.

“When we took office, we came together with our industrialists. We took action for the production of industrial facilities that can serve in more modern and better conditions by bringing the outdated industrial sites in our cities, which cannot serve both our citizens, our nation and our tradesmen, to the periphery of the city with urban transformation projects and provide the necessary infrastructure there. Through our General Directorate of Iller Bank, we quickly made our transportation, infrastructure and urban development plans for this area we are currently on. We have done all our studies, planning and finalized our tender. Here, we are taking the steps of our HİTAM project, which we promote today, will be established in this area of ​​1 million 650 thousand square meters in Arnavutköy, will contribute 35 billion lira to our economy and employ 70 thousand brothers. We will have 3 workplaces in many different sectors, from automotive to furniture, spare parts, construction and building materials. It will serve in better conditions to our tradesmen who are stuck in the city and who do not have enough size. This project will be the world's largest sales and service center in this sense. Our goal is to serve 500 million citizens in this center annually. Again, qualified personnel needed in all business areas will be trained here. We will have training centers here. We will have technical schools here and thousands of brothers and sisters will receive vocational training here. After receiving their vocational training, I hope they will be employed in the production base here. "


Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum emphasized that in addition to these, there will be parks, squares, green areas, schools, mosques, R&D, health, youth and sports centers in the common area of ​​54 decares, “Of course, this domestic and national production base is also The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the 3rd airport, the Northern Marmara Highway and the Canal, which we will hopefully lay the foundation for in the summer, are located very close to Istanbul. While making these plans, we designed the transportation routes here and determined a location that will provide great advantages in marketing our domestic and national products to the whole world, both at the 3rd bridge, at our airport and due to its proximity to the Canal Istanbul route. Together with the products we produce, we will be carrying values ​​of the brand here in Turkey with all the world. " he spoke.

MinisterKurum stated that they will lay the foundation of the base, which is one of the biggest projects of 2021, in July, at the latest, and said, “As we are here today, we come together with our industrialists, businessmen, and tradesmen on different occasions and in consultations by listening to their problems together and finding solutions. we are. Within the framework of these consultations, we always see that if we are one, we will be big, as our President stated, if we are large, we will be alive, even if we are alive, we will be stronger, we will produce more, we will contribute more to our economy and our country. I was in this room for our big businessmen founded the Turkey we dream we look we see that indeed, our müsiad'ı, we take these steps together with our cooperative. We will continue to contribute to both our country and our economy by carrying out these steps together with much larger projects in the next period. We are working together day and night and many regions of the world's leading country for Turkey. Our cities At this point, the cornerstone of Turkey's leading countries, is a dynamo. He says we say and insist on a more lush sound than ever that we have strong cities, strong Turkey will continue to execute our projects for our understanding of the whole city. " He used his expressions.

Stating that today's world is on the eve of great changes and transformations, Kurum said that humanity is struggling with many global problems such as epidemic and climate change.

Ministers Institutions, regional conflicts and wars, recession in global trade and expressed the human being no longer issues such as climate crisis is ever more threatened, "In Turkey we are fighting with all these issues as well. We manage a very important process in our country in the fight against climate change and epidemic, and we are fighting this struggle that will set an example to the world. While we are fighting this struggle, we continue on our way by eliminating all the obstacles we face, one by one, as the center country of the new world that will occur. Under the leadership of our President, we have made the biggest breakthroughs in the history of the Republic from politics to economy, from education to health, from agriculture to industrialism in the last 20 years, and we continue to do so. He mentioned a time when Turkey is mentioned as an agricultural country. Today, when you look at it, our country has become a country known for its medium and high-scale industry, high technology and the world's most successful defense industry. Turkey is now preparing to write a new story with this power. "


Minister Murat Kurum stated that the HITAM project area is only 2 kilometers away from the Kanal Istanbul project area and said, “Two days ago, our President gave his good news at the group meeting. Hopefully, we will lay the foundations of our Kanal Istanbul project in the summer, just like this project. I hope the process will be completed simultaneously and we will do the opening together again. " used the expressions.

Turkey's geopolitical and geostrategic that it has a very important position, Istanbul and the Dardanelles, the Black Sea countries and Russia's cold and vast plains of the southern warm and vast oceans to emphasizing that it is the only exit door opened corridor Authority, the words continued as follows:

“The only trade route connecting the Black Sea countries to the world market by water is Turkey, Istanbul. Therefore, when you look at it today, Turkey is the most critical country of the Iron Silk Road in transportation. When we add Kanal Istanbul to these features, we will have started a very important process in terms of maritime and transportation and we will change the history of world trade together. We said, 'We will build Kanal Istanbul'. Now more than ever we believe. Kanal Istanbul will be an environmental and urban wonder. Hopefully, a new city will be built on both sides of the canal with a total population of 500 thousand, as well as a smart city. This will reduce the disaster risk of our Istanbul, it will be a city where our reserve houses are produced and earthquake assembly areas are produced. An additional population will not come, and this region will give us a very important acceleration, especially in the fight against earthquakes. kazanHopefully, it will appear as an area where our reserve houses will be produced.”

Minister Murat Kurum also informed that the Environmental Plan of the Channel Istanbul Project was approved, and continued as follows:

“We have also approved 1/100.000, 1/5.000 and 1/1.000 implementation zoning plans. Within the framework of this plan, we allocated 52 percent of the total area to green areas and social facilities. It will have walking and cycling paths, an ecological corridor, which together with this ecological corridor will connect the Black Sea to the Marmara, and from there to the Aegean and the Mediterranean again, and it will be a green area project that will give Istanbul a breath of fresh air. I hope it will carry out a very important project with its national gardens, large parks, R&D centers, universities, informatics valleys and incubation centers, as the biggest project in the history of the Republic, and it will serve both our Istanbul and our country. kazanwe will go. With this project, we will add a brand to the brand value of our beloved Istanbul, and hopefully we will carry out this project together with our beloved nation, with its employment and contribution to the city and economy. Mr. President himself stated that he will lay the foundation in the summer, and we will be taking steps that will add value to our country and Istanbul by realizing this project together.”

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