DHMİ Aviation Academy Continued its Activities in the Pandemic

dhmi aviation academy kept its activities without disruption during the pandemic
dhmi aviation academy kept its activities without disruption during the pandemic

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure DHMİ Aviation Academy, which has been serving the Turkish aviation sector by providing training at international standards since its establishment, continued its activities without interruption during the pandemic process.

DHMİ Aviation Academy, which was structured with the new training vision in 2017, is appreciated in terms of training and service quality with the quality training it provides according to the ICAO and EUROCONTROL criteria.

Since the establishment of the academy, 98.452 trainees received face-to-face and online training and received certificates.

Moving towards the future with the strength it derives from its deep-rooted corporate education tradition, the academy rapidly implements the practices required by its new vision.

As a requirement of this understanding, the Distance Education Directorate was established within the Aviation Training Department in order to continue the training uninterruptedly, to use public resources more efficiently, and to integrate developing education technologies into our systems.

DHMI, which established the distance education management system infrastructure in a short time with its own means,distanceegitim.dhmi.gov.tr) made available to the aviation industry with its own personnel.

In addition, it was one of the organizations that made the most use of the Distance Education Gate platform, which was offered to all public institutions and organizations with the slogan "Education is Everywhere" by the Presidency Human Resources Office.


Our organization, which has taken effective measures at all airports since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, showed the same sensitivity in training activities.

During the pandemic period, the academy, which was rapidly equipped with the necessary technological infrastructure, started to be given through the "Distance Education Platform".

To date, 23 trainees have been provided with online and video-based training on 853 different topics of aviation. Trainings continue on the same system.

DHMİ Aviation Academy, which has the first authorized training institution certificate in its field by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, has completed its own structuring in previous years, while saving approximately 25 million TL.

DHMİ Aviation Academy continues to serve the aviation industry with its training infrastructure, strong staff, distance learning management system and physical facilities.

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