Ministry of National Education to Recruit 500 Disabled Teachers

Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education

The Ministry of National Education announced that it will appoint 500 disabled teachers with its announcement. Appointments will be made electronically according to the preference of the candidates and their EKPSS (Undergraduate Level) score. . Applications for the recruitment of disabled teachers will be received between 1 and 5 February. Preferences will be held on February 11 and appointments will take place on February 16.

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Regulation on Disabled Public Personnel Selection Exam published in the Official Gazette dated 2018/2020/07 and numbered 02, according to the EKPSS score among the candidates participating in the Disabled Public Personnel Selection Exam (EKPSS-Undergraduate Level) held in 2014 and 28906 According to the provisions of the Ministry of National Education Teacher Appointment and Relocation Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 17/04/2015 and numbered 29329, the disabled people will be appointed as teachers with a quota of 500 (five hundred).

ministry of national education will receive disabled teachers

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