Historical Şemsi Pasha Mosque and Istanbulite are Secured

the historical semsi pasa mosque and the Istanbulite were taken under the guvence
the historical semsi pasa mosque and the Istanbulite were taken under the guvence

Instead of the 2015 project that destroyed the Şemsi Paşa Mosque and Üsküdar coast, one of the most special structures of the Bosphorus, IMM started the application of a removable steel console system. At the point where 30 thousand pedestrians per day pass, precautions were taken for the safety of both people and the historical area. Deputy Secretary General of IMM Mahir Polat stated that the console was created due to pedestrian circulation and drew attention to the damage caused by the filling project. Polat said, “Üsküdar coast and coast have been largely destroyed. There is no trace of the historical texture. All of these works created great destruction for our city culture, Ottoman Istanbul and Üsküdar ”.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) started work in the area of ​​Şemsi Paşa Mosque, one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture, filled with the project dated 2015. With the approval of the Protection Board of the mosque, the application of a steel cantilever system was started on the concrete-laid front part. Deputy Secretary General of IMM Mahir Polat said that the point used by 3 thousand pedestrians per day poses a risk to human safety due to its width falling to 30 meters. Stating that they want to eliminate the risks of falling into the sea or similar life safety risks, Polat stated that they care about the safety of the citizens and the historical area.


Reminding that the 2015 thousand square meter area was filled by IMM administration in 12, Polat said that 960 piles were piled into the sea for this process. Noting that extraordinary scale procedures were carried out in the study, Polat explained what was done in the project as follows:

“20 thousand cubic meters of concrete, sea filling was made. That means enough material to build a 30-story plaza. Apart from that, 2 and a half million kilograms of iron was used in the filling area. This iron was injected into the unique texture of the Bosphorus along with concrete, in a place where sea creatures are so dense. We could use 2 and a half million kilograms of iron to strengthen tens, hundreds of buildings in Üsküdar against earthquakes. During these works, a total of 130 million lira from the pockets of Istanbul was buried in the sea. All these; It was built for the project that would fill and destroy the coastline, the most important fabric of Ottoman history, in the sea. Although no one was convinced at the time of its implementation, for some reason, at the end of this project, the Üsküdar coast and coast were largely destroyed. There is no trace of the historical texture. All of these works created great destruction for our city culture, Ottoman Istanbul and Üsküdar. "


Polat, stating that Üsküdar Şemsi Paşa Mosque broke its connection with the sea, created a walking area on the beach and said, “The total width of the embankment was 20 meters in front of the mosque. A pedestrian circulation area, where 30 thousand people will come and pass daily, has been described. This area, due to the cracked floor in front of the mosque, created risks in an area that fell down to 3 meters. The historical building and historical texture were put at risk. "Problems have occurred for human safety."


Polat stated that they started to work in 2019 when the project was at the completion stage and said, “We wanted the view of the construction site in Üsküdar square to be eliminated as soon as possible. When people are using this place, we went to the console application instead of the project that was foreseen to be piled and approved or to be poured concrete later. We made the add-on that carries it, only 2,5 meters, can be removed, and we will remove it when we consider the square arrangement again. Waves of the sea can still hit the mosque wall, as it used to be. It is a platform that does not have a piling system, is completely self-supporting and will be dismantled after the arrangements here ”.


Explaining that the filling and concrete appearance on the Üsküdar Coast needs a project that is compatible with the Şemsi Paşa Mosque and that will bring a solution to the transition point, Polat said, it needs to be removed and restored, ”he said.


Polat pointed out that there are problems other than the filling at the point where the historical mosque is located, and completed his statement with the following statements:

“The work to be done here must be a restoration of return to historical identity. We will also remove the cafes around the mosque, which have become the sign of the mosque with their signboards, and which have become illegal structures with water abuse, overlooking. Citizens will see that all illegal practices are removed soon. "

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