SAPAN Electromagnetic Launch System Successfully Completed

sling electromagnetic launch system has been successfully completed
sling electromagnetic launch system has been successfully completed

📩 19/01/2021 13:35

Electromagnetic Launching System SAPAN, a technology development project supported by TÜBİTAK SAVTAG, developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE, has been successfully completed. SAPAN is a system used for throwing ammunition by accelerating it only with electrical energy. Similar technology is also used as electromagnetic catapult in aircraft carriers and satellite launch systems. The first prototype of SAPAN, whose tests were carried out in 2014, was introduced in 2016 with the sharing of the then Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Faruk Özlü.

The system consists of 4 subsystems:

  • Firing and Control Unit
  • Pulse Power Supply
  • Barrel
  • Ammo

Hypersonic ammunition is aimed to be used for targets with time-critical and air defense protection. In previous statements about the system targets, the muzzle velocity was announced as 2040 m / s and the muzzle energy as 1 MJ. According to the latest statement made by TÜBİTAK SAGE, the system muzzle velocity was completed as 2070 m / s and the muzzle energy was 1.3 MJ.

TÜBİTAK SAGE Institute Director Gürcan Okumuş made a statement about the system "The SAPAN project, a gunpowder / chemical independent launch system, has been successfully completed. As TÜBİTAK SAGE, our next focus on electromagnetic launch systems (EMFS) will be in the development of guided / unguided hypersonic ammunition we are currently working on. " dedicate.

Electromagnetic balls provide ease of transportation and storage as they can reach higher muzzle velocities and use explosives. It is anticipated that Electromagnetic Launch Systems will find a place for themselves in the future in different areas such as artillery systems, surface platforms, space access and air and missile defense systems. Turkey in the world other than the United States, Germany, France, Russia and China are known to work on this technology. In line with the needs of our security units, studies in this field are carried out in our country under the leadership of the Defense Industry Presidency in order to bring new generation weapon systems to the inventory against symmetrical and asymmetric threats.

President Erdoğan: We will be able to reach hypersonic speeds with SAPAN

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who also mentioned the SAPAN system in his speech at the opening ceremony of National Technology Development Infrastructures in 2018;

“Today, the meaning of the concept of security has changed dramatically. Now, physical security needs to be strengthened with cyber security, digital industry, domestic software and artificial intelligence. Our technological depth that we need in nano technology, materials, aviation, space and defense fields is increasing day by day. Therefore, our confidence in ourselves increases in the international defense community. Today, we are implementing the electromagnetic launch system, SAPAN, which is one of the products that reaches these technological depths.

This is an offensive system, we are watching it now. With very high cost chemical fuels, we will be able to reach hypersonic speeds 6 times and above the noise, which is risky to achieve with SAPAN. An ammunition moving at hypersonic speeds is very difficult to track and destroy. That is why such ammunition is critical in destroying critical targets. Studies continue all over the world for the design and safe operation of systems similar to SAPAN. We have succeeded in producing this critical technology in our country. Within the scope of the project, we aim to launch one kilogram of ammunition at speeds starting from 2 thousand meters per second. " had found the explanation.

Source: defenceturk

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