Iron Silk Road Revitalized Trade with China

railway silk road revives gin trade
railway silk road revives gin trade

The number of freight trains from China to Europe increased by 2020 percent in 43 compared to the previous year, reaching 4. export trains departing from Turkey 720 days to reach China. Within the scope of the 'One Belt One Road Project', the traffic on the iron silk road is getting faster day by day. Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Chairman Ismail Shot, "a minister, head of an NGO (12 thousand exporter-behind) doing a parade, comes to the railway. They say, 'He returned, disappeared'. This is not a moral thing. Are we doing a show? This is a national issue. The inside of the shield with a train full of goods exports from Turkey is an event in itself to go to China, "he said.

Has a Supply Problem

Explaining that due to the limits at the border gates, one should turn to the railroad now, Gülle said, “We buy machinery from Switzerland, and they ask 'Do you want by train or truck? It is brought from the factory by train. We also need to have a train going to every OIZ. Çerkezköy OSB achieved this ”he said. Explaining that there have been supply problems for many products in addition to the container shortage recently, Gülle said: “You cannot access some products even if you have money. You have not been able to buy raw materials for three months. There is a problem with viscose. produced in Turkey. Some of our friends are investing for its derivative. There is a substance that gives elasticity to the fabric. A single company produces, tied to export. Therefore, without it, production stops. "

We Exceed 18 Billion Dollars in Exports

Stating that they do not expect the increase in raw material prices to be so early, Gülle said, “China attracts raw materials. While complaining about the abundance of goods, there are no goods this year. Last year, we said 'trade is getting smaller, let's not buy it'. Now it's the opposite. The world could not read this process. It affected until it got to the container. For example, we are talking among us that if we found containers in December, we would exceed $ 18 billion in exports ”. Gülle gave the following information about the logistics center they will open to the USA: “We will establish a furniture logistics center in the USA. There will also be carpet and home textiles inside. " (Source: Sabah)

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