Fiber Internet Advantages

fiber internet advantages
fiber internet advantages

Speed ​​is everything in today's internet world. The more important the download speed is when downloading TV series, music, files or movies, the more important the upload speed is for the posts you make on social media. You can have high speeds for both transactions with TurkNet GigaFiber packages. If we need to clarify the question of what is TurkNet GigaFiber, we can briefly answer it as a world-class fiber internet service. Since fiber internet transmits via fiber optic cables, ADSL and VDSL are much faster than the internet.

Provided by the TurkNet infrastructure, GigaFiber is currently only available in Istanbul and Izmir. However, considering fiber internet prices, TurkNet focuses on user experience by showing that it is one step ahead of its competitors. Although many features are remarkable when it comes to fiber internet, the most important advantage is of course the experience of reaching high speeds. TurkNet GigaFiber You can have 1000 mbps download and 150 mbps upload speeds with the packages.

The location of fiber internet is very important today and most people prefer to bring fiber infrastructure in their area. At this point, TurkNet stands out with its fiber internet coverage and advantages, and TurkNet offers 100 mbps fiber and up to 100 mbps VDSL options in regions where GigaFiber is not available. To see which service is available in your area You can query your infrastructure.

What are the Advantages of Fiber Internet?

What does TurkNet GigaFiber packages offer us?

  1. The main advantage of fiber internet is to have high speeds and to download or upload your desired content in a much shorter time. Thanks to TurkNet GigaFiber packages, videos can be watched without freezing, web pages open in a short time and your social media posts are on your screen within seconds.
  2. Fiber internet is the right choice not only to download a content you like from the internet, but also to increase file sending speed. You can reach TurkNet GigaFiber packages with their upload speeds of minimum 50 Mbps and maximum 150 Mbps.
  3. TurkNet offers a completely quota-free service in fiber internet packages as in all its packages. So you can watch videos, share or download games as much as you want.
  4. Drawing attention with its free installation and free modem services, TurkNet also covers the withdrawal fee of 480 TL for those who want to switch from other operators.
  5. A 100% refund is offered if you don't like it within the first thirty days.
  6. Thanks to its 7 × 24 customer service support, you can call and find solutions to your problems at any time.

What are the Prominent Differences of Fiber Internet?

  • Technical infrastructure

The biggest difference of fiber internet is the technical infrastructure. Recently, the need for fiber internet infrastructures has increased. Although the lack of sufficient infrastructure in our country is a big problem, Turknet stands out in terms of technical infrastructure.

  • Speed

When we look technically, fiber internet offers a much faster internet thanks to the bandwidths offered. In fact, when it comes to fiber internet, the first thing that comes to mind is speed. TurkNet GigaFiber continues to attract many users by offering the most ambitious speeds in this regard. The stability of the offered speeds is an extra plus.

  • Cost

The cost of fiber internet can cause the prices to increase while providing the service. With its competitive prices, TurkNet GigaFiber offers fiber internet service that is almost more affordable than xDSL services. You can start using TurkNet GigaFiber with prices starting from 85 TL with different speed options.

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