Economics Dictionary Will Be Scholarship for Students

economics dictionary will be scholarships for students
economics dictionary will be scholarships for students

Speaking to the Reel Markets program on Industry Radio, Dünya Eko A.Ş. CEO, Burcu Kösem, gave information about the content of the Dictionary of Economics, which was released in memory of Journalist Nezih Demirkent, Founder of Demirkent Education and Research Foundation.

Kösem stated that the Dictionary of Economics, which will provide scholarships to female students studying in the history department, consists of 454 pages and 1959 economic terms, and that a language that everyone can understand is used.


Stating that we wanted to enlighten young girls under the roof of Demirkent Education Foundation with the income obtained from this study, Kösem said, “Our young girls studying in the history department started to receive scholarships. Journalist Nezih Demirkent's wife, Prof. Dr. Işın Demirkent was indeed a great professor of medieval history. We also wanted research in the field of economy, communication and history under the foundation of the foundation. " said.

Stating that economic development is also more important than economic growth, Kösem stated that they give priority to young girls because for economic development, young girls should take a more active role in both social life and business life and that support should be more in order to achieve this equality and balance.


Stating that the Dictionary of Economics should buy a bedside book and anyone who wants to read the real sector correctly, Kösem said, “Sometimes we speak the terms, but we do not fill in the gold. We may sometimes call it speculation, but maybe we are talking about manipulation. This is a dictionary that will also raise awareness. " said.


Saying that we live in a period called information network, we are in a world where many things are obtained by analyzing and reading data, Kösem stated that an academic staff works while creating finance terms in the dictionary. Kösem stated that the economy dictionary is important both for keeping up with the times and for use in the future.

Kösem also added that the equivalent of every international term can be found in the dictionary.


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