Covid-19 Vaccine Warning for Heart Patients

covid vaccine warning to heart patients
covid vaccine warning to heart patients

Vaccination started in our country as part of the fight against Covid -19. First of all, the vaccination of healthcare workers continues with the vaccination of elderly patients and risk group patients. Biruni University Hospital Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Ulaş Notifier, warned heart patients and individuals at risk of heart disease to get Covid-19 vaccine.

Prof. Dr. The reporter said in a statement, “We recommend that patients with heart disease and individuals with chronic diseases get the coronavirus vaccine. It is known that the Covid-19 vaccine does not pose a higher risk in heart patients than other patients. It has been reported that the side effects that may occur after vaccination are generally mild and similar to healthy individuals. In the long-term follow-up, no difference was found in the mortality rates other than coronavirus infection in patients who were vaccinated or not.


Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim Ulaş Notifier, “In vaccinated patients, there may be mild-moderate pain in the vaccine area. Some people may have redness and swelling at the place where the vaccine was given. These findings usually regress after 1-2 days. Rarely, numbness and weakness can be seen in the area where the vaccination is applied, but it is usually temporary.

Looking at the general complaints, weakness, muscle pain and headache are common complaints. When we examine according to the content of the vaccines, according to the reported data; In Coronavac vaccine, fever, muscle pain, headache can be seen. In the Moderna vaccine, redness in the body, rash at the injection site, muscle pain, headache and weakness can be seen. While muscle pain and weakness are seen with Biontech vaccine, joint pain can also be seen. As can be seen, no serious side effects of vaccination of cardiac patients have been reported ”.


Prof. Dr. Reporter said, “If heart patients do not get vaccinated and subsequently get coronavirus infection, they may experience heart attack and / or serious heart problems due to both the disease and the antiviral drugs used for treatment.

While coronavirus increases the risk of having a heart attack in the first days, it can cause serious damage to the heart as the disease progresses. Chief among these are cardiovascular diseases such as heart damage, heart rhythm disturbance and vascular occlusion. Also, people with previous heart disease are 5 times more likely to have a severe coronavirus infection than other people. Therefore, vaccination is very important and necessary for patients. Therefore, vaccination of heart patients is very important. Another important issue is that after vaccination, cardiac patients should continue to follow the mask, distance and hygiene rules. Likewise, he should not neglect the routine physician controls and continue to use his medicines.

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