Meet the Shining Star of the Capital, Save the Night Music Band

the shining star of the capital meet the save the night music band
the shining star of the capital meet the save the night music band

📩 04/01/2023 08:45

The shining star of the capital Save the night The Music Group was established in 2019 with the request of guitarist Harun Karagöz to publish his own compositions.

Aaron Karagoz First of all, he starts looking for companions with whom he can make music. In 2020, first Arzunaz Kaya, followed by Berent Oral, Abdurrahman Bulut and Kağan Yücel join the group respectively.

The studies are the first single in home environment and pandemic conditions.Tell me about itstarts with the records of. These recordings are taken at Harun Karagöz's home, and after mixing operations are done here, they are entrusted to Maven Mastering for mastering. The first single is launched on September 25. Right after the second single "Lost Story"And 3rd singles"Far out".

The Group Manages the Whole Process Independently

The band members are among the members who have produced a wide range of works from soft rock to progressive metal.
occurs. The group, which received more than 150.000 streams on all streaming services in a short time, believes that the future will bring them better things.

Arzunaz Kaya states that everyone in the group has a different task and a well-established system. Despite Kovid-19, the group, which is not separated from each other and is in constant communication, expresses that they are aware that they will do better when these days pass. The group, which does not have an agreement with any record company, manages the whole process independently.

Group "Do You Look Warmly at Record Companies?" To the question

"When the necessary conditions are met, why not." gives the answer.

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