Abdi İbrahim Receives Permission for Covid-19 Vaccine Production

abdi ibrahim received a permit for the production of covid vaccine

Abdi İbrahim, the leader of the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, received a production permit showing that it has the capacity to produce Covid-19 vaccines at the highest standards.

Abdi İbrahim Chairman of the Board of Directors Nezih Barut said, "This permission given by the Ministry of Health as a result of the inspections is proof that we can produce vaccines at world standards."

operating in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry 109 years and 19 years Abdi continuous market leader Ibrahim world and took Turkey is deeply affecting Covidien-19 developed against the pandemic vaccine show that it has the capacity to produce at the highest standards vaccine production and filling do permit the.

Nezih Barut, Chairman of the Board of Abdi İbrahim, stated that as a result of the inspections and audits carried out by the Ministry of Health, Abdi İbrahim gave the approval to manufacture and fill mRNA-based vaccines and inactive vaccines, '' We received the permission for human vaccine production and filling. Both your infrastructure and quality systems must be at a high level for vaccine production and filling. With this permission given as a result of the inspections made by the Ministry, our AbdiBio facility and our competence in vaccine production have once again been registered.

Nezih Barut stated that they put their R&D and production power, medical competencies, all their expertise and experience to the service of Turkish medicine and patients in order to be a part of the solution in the fight against pandemic, and said: “As a company leader in the sector, our society We took into account their needs and worked to offer the expected contribution at the highest level. World followed closely in ongoing studies of vaccine, we found out about alternatives to prevent outbreaks of producing in Turkey's domestic and national pharmaceutical company, Abdi Ibrahim facility to apply for permission to the Ministry of Health. As a result of the investigations, we obtained the license from the Ministry of Health for the production and filling of the inactive vaccines produced by Russian and Chinese companies, as well as the mRNA-based biotech vaccines produced by BioNTech and Moderna. With the permit obtained, it has been proven that both our infrastructure and quality systems are at a high level. "

Emphasizing that Abdi İbrahim has the necessary technology and infrastructure for vaccine production and filling, Barut said, “We made significant investments in biotechnology, which we see as the future of the pharmaceutical industry and which we attach great importance strategically to. Our biotech pharmaceutical production facility AbdiBio, which we completed in 2018, is the most important step you have taken. The purpose of all our investments in biotechnology, including vaccine production; our country in the production of biotechnological drugs and to become a production base in this strategic area is to make Turkey one of the countries that have promised. As Abdi İbrahim, we are currently capable of producing 20 million vaccines. "If additional investment is needed for the production of larger quantities of the COVID-19 vaccine, we are ready to do that soon," he said.

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