What Should You Do to Protect Your Personal Data?

Be more careful about personal data than ever before.
Be more careful about personal data than ever before.

To create awareness on the importance and protection of data in the Data Protection Day, celebrated in Europe and America, also aims to raise awareness of data security in Turkey. Siberasist General Manager Serap Günal, who draws attention to the fact that studies are carried out on the privacy and protection of personal data every year on January 28, states that it is time for companies and users to protect their data.

Increasing cyber attacks on data, data breaches and leaks cause companies and people whose personal data has been leaked into concern. With the sanctions, responsibilities and rights imposed by the GDPR in Europe and KVKK in our country, it is seen that a new era has begun regarding data. According to Siberasist General Manager Serap Günal, who draws attention to the Data Protection Day, which is celebrated every year in Europe and America on January 28, in order to protect the importance, privacy and protection of data, necessary steps should be taken and awareness should be created in order to protect the data of companies and users.

It's Time to Protect Your Data

Both individuals and companies have serious responsibilities in raising awareness about the importance and protection of data. Especially in digital life, the number of individuals who transfer their personal data to companies and social media platforms without caring is quite high. Serap Günal pointed out that there are a lot of individuals who do not know where and who the use of their data takes place, according to Serap Günal, and citizens need to pursue and protect their personal data. Reminding that citizens are given serious rights on their data with KVKK, Günal points out that individuals who do not want their personal data to be processed or used can delete their data by taking advantage of the rights provided by the law. Drawing attention to the awareness that needs to be increased for Data Protection Day Günal lists what individuals should do in order to protect their personal data as follows;

1. Value and protect your data on applications. Be mindful of who buys personal information, such as your purchase history or location, and how it is collected through apps and websites. You should delete unused apps, keep others updated and review app permissions.

2. Share your data carefully. Be careful when sharing personal data about you or your environment. Pay attention to where and how your data will be viewed and by whom. Remember that every step you take in digital life can be traced and you will surely encounter it one day.

3. Set the privacy of your data. Set the privacy and security settings on websites and apps to the appropriate level for sharing information. Every device, application or browser you use will have different features to limit how and with whom you share information. It is useful to use these features.

4. Be aware of the rights on your data and take ownership of your data. Pay attention to whether your personal data is not stored securely or used in situations where you do not allow. Otherwise, do not delay taking advantage of the rights imposed by the law and owning your data.

Companies Should Be More Careful About Protecting Personal Data

Along with KVKK and GDPR, many companies have responsibilities to comply with and fulfill. Serap Günal, who pointed out that companies exposed to numerous attacks by cyber attackers should be more careful in the stages of storing, protecting and processing their data, makes important suggestions to companies to protect data.

1. Companies should pay attention to privacy the most. Companies must take reasonable security measures to protect individuals' personal information from improper and unauthorized access. In addition to the sanctions that companies will face in the case of KVKK and GDPR, conscious behavior will add to the reputation of companies.

2. Remember that transparency creates trust. Be open and honest about how you collect, use and share consumers' personal information. Consider how the consumer can expect their data to be used, and steps have been taken to protect their information by default.

3. Pay attention to your business partners and the third party services you receive. Remember that your company is also responsible for how everyone serving on behalf of your company collects and uses your consumers' personal information.


4. Assign your data controller. Remember that your company must be a data controller within the scope of KVKK. Do not forget to register VERBIS, which is an important step from the requirements of KVKK.


5. Complete your KVKK compliance. Companies must take all necessary legal and technical measures to store, protect and process personal data. Do not hesitate to seek professional support in order not to be late for the sanctions that will take place in case of not taking the necessary steps you need.

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