Fighting Snow on Railways Continues 7/24

tcdd struggles with snow on railways
tcdd struggles with snow on railways

TCDD's snow and ice combat teams are making an intense effort to ensure that rail transport is not interrupted and trains arrive at stations smoothly due to the freezing cold and snowy weather in the Eastern Anatolia Region.

TCDD continues to fight against snow with carcasses and rotary vehicles and crews for 24 hours, in order to keep the railways open and the trains to continue their journey in the eastern regions where severe winter conditions prevail. The teams are ready for 24-hour service in the staff wagons.

Stating that they are working to prevent the railways from closing after the snowfall, the workers said, “The railways must be open continuously and the necessary precautions must be taken for the trains to travel safely. For this reason, we are working on the rails without paying attention to heavy snowfall and cold weather in the region where the air temperature drops to -30 degrees ”.

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