Smugglers Pushed the Borders with Interesting Methods, Stuck to Customs

The choppers pushed the boundaries with interesting methods, stuck in the goblet
The choppers pushed the boundaries with interesting methods, stuck in the goblet

Ministry of Trade Customs Enforcement teams in Turkey last year, many while preventing smuggling of customs controls in general, they use interesting methods of traffickers in the operations drew attention.

In line with the instructions of the Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan, modernization and digitalization efforts, especially at the border gates, played an important role in preventing illegal commercial activities, preventing smuggling events that would threaten the security of the country or the endangered animal and plant species.

X-ray scans were increased at the customs, the Department of Combating Narcotic Crimes and NARKOKIM Unit within the Ministry increased the effectiveness of the inspections. Interesting catches emerged during the inspections last year.

Minister Pekcan shared some of the extraordinary seizures detected, referring to the aforementioned incidents at the 2020 Smuggling Data Assessment Meeting.

Stating that they caught 3 swallowing couriers with drugs in their stomach with more than 3 kilograms of cocaine, Pekcan stated that cocaine was seized in a mechanism designed as a drug corset.

Pekcan stated that they found at the customs that liquefied cocaine in bottles, which at first glance looked no different from alcohol bottles, said:

“We witnessed that the paintings of the famous football player Maradona, who died recently, were also used by poison dealers. In addition to these, thousands of water turtles hidden in the gaps in the door of a car, prayer beads hidden in a first aid kit, a passenger who wants to enter our country by wearing 15 hours, 235 pigeons in bulk, Nazi officer guns from the period of World War II that were tried to be hidden in the vehicle fuel tank. Seizures such as hundreds of liters of honey, buffalo horns and elephants, mink furs, hallucinatory cacti were among the extraordinary smuggling attempts blocked in 2.

A person from Istanbul Airport to log in from Uganda to Turkey in suitcases in various sizes and dimensions of 36 buffalo horn, 41 was caught inside the hollow horn breed of processed goods.

from the Sarp Customs Gate to enter Turkey through Georgia to a person on a search of the vehicle, 5 thousand 450 turtles in their natural space of the vehicle door has been detected.

Two guns belonging to a former SS officer and a magazine were captured in the upper bed of the towing cabin in a truck near Kapıkule Customs Area.

12 kilos and 2 grams of cocaine were found hidden behind the 650 paintings of famous football player Diego Armando Maradona in the operation carried out at Istanbul Airport by the Customs Enforcement teams of the Ministry of Commerce.

Sarp Border Gate in the operation conducted on some suspicious wanted a truck, the vehicle to be introduced in Turkey in 150 prompted a wooden box hidden at various locations in 1500 live queen bees were caught. In addition to these bees, 16 auto spare parts, 235 pocket knives and 107 pocket knife covers were also seized in the vehicle.

In the operation carried out in Hatay by the Customs Enforcement teams, GMO paddy with a weight of 5 thousand tons and a value of approximately 15 million liras was seized, and tons of products that would pose a threat to public health were prevented from being released to the market.

At the Esendere Customs Gate in Iran, 113 kilograms of "peyote cactus", which caused hallucinations due to a naturally occurring substance, was seized.

In the operation carried out at Kapıkule Customs Gate, 2 tons of 70 kilograms of cannabis were seized in a truck that was sought as a suspect. This is the land customs gate on Turkey seized so far was at one time the highest amount of drug.

In the operation carried out at Dilucu Customs Gate, 260 kilograms of liquid methamphetamine type drugs were seized in the fuel tank of a truck. With this, Customs Enforcement teams signed the largest amount of methamphetamine seizure ever made in one go.

A total of 50,5 kilograms of heroin hidden in date boxes were seized in an operation carried out at the Esendere Customs Gate.

He seized a total of 15 kilograms of cocaine impregnated with cosmetics and textile products and hidden in a machine part at Sabiha Gökçen and Atatürk airports.

155,2 kilograms of drugs hidden in tropical fruits, textiles and luggage were found in three operations at Istanbul Airport.

In the operation carried out by the Customs Enforcement teams at Istanbul Airport, 190 drug couriers were caught in which 2 grams of cocaine in 149 capsules and 24 grams of liquid cocaine in 630 transparent plastic were detected.

In the search made in the truck that came to the customs gate from Iran with "Sumac" loaded sacks at Esendere Customs Gate in Hakkari, a total of 26 kilograms of cannabis was seized in a sack that the narcotic detector dog reacted to and tried to give the spice image.

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